Add a Facebook Shop to your Nonprofit Fan Page

You’ve spent considerable time and effort building support for your organization via social marketing. Your passionate friends and supporters are looking for ways to engage with you and support your organization. By implementing a Facebook Store for donations or product purchases you will create a unique opportunity to leverage that high-level of engagement into financial support.

Provide your Fans New Ways to Support You

  • Simple implementation on your existing Facebook Fan page
  • Easily allow supporters the opportunity to make donations or purchase products
  • Entice your supporters to share the option of providing a financial gift through donation or product purchase
  • Expand your base of supporters using our valuable promotion tools
  • Use an existing donation payment system or create a new one with ShopTab
  • Full customization of your store and the product/donation options
  • Only $10 a month allows you to engage your fans in the opportunity to provide financial support to your organization.
We see great benefit in communicating with our supporters via Facebook and other social networks. The ability to allow them to easily provide their support while on our Facebook page with a store was very important to us.
Charles Brown, Franciscan Renewal Center