Any Language, Any Currency

We have Facebook Stores in over 70 countries with 50+ currency options. We’ll even let you modify the English version to use the words you think work best for your store in English or any other language. Change once or change as often as you like.

Full translation allows you to have complete control of your Facebook Store page. You aren’t forced into using standard template language options. Use the right words or slang that make the most sense for your fans and clients. Make your changes and see them appear immediately.

Example Facebook Stores for translation and currency

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Italian Facebook Store using the Euro
Italy with the Euro
Mexican Facebook Store with Peso
Mexico with the Peso
Facebook Store in Argentina
Argentina with the Peso
Brazilian Facebook Store with Real
Brazil with the Real
Facebook Store in India
Bulgarian Facebook Store
Bulgarian with the Le

Supported Facebook Store Currencies

*Indicates PayPal supported currency for use with the integrated cart and for payment processing of credit cards and PayPal payments.

Facebook Shop Cart Option

Payments by credit, debit or PayPal. Full inventory, shipping and tax control.

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Mobile Facebook Store

Extend your Facebook Shop to support mobile buyers

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Lillians drives product sales and in-store foot traffic

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