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So simple to use

So simple and quick to use. I'm happy that I can make money faster on facebook, than with my traditional website. Good as gold.
- Ana

...Outstanding Support...

Thanks so much for your outstanding support. Very responsive, very quick, and very thorough. I appreciate it!
- Kevin Mayo

What a great value for the money!

Uploading products is as easy as it could be! We uploaded about 3,000 products, it looks great and it's only $20 per month. I wasn't sure if it would do what we want at first, but I had to give it a try with the 7-Day Free Trial and was very pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and features for the price!
- Rob Williams

Great service and ridiculous value!

$10 a month, are you kidding me? This product is worth every penny and when I had a support problem not only did they fix the problem for me but they told me how to not have it come up again in the future. They responded via email and Facebook within hours and with a $10 a month fee I wasn't expecting to hear from them for a few days.
- Robert Croak

After doing much research, I chose ShopTab

I chose ShopTab because I found it to be the most user friendly app for our business. I also really liked how it links back to our website when people want to make a purchase. They also provide outstanding customer service with prompt replies and easy-to-understand/follow troubleshooting directions. THANK YOU ShopTab!!!!
- Sam / PeopleTowels

...professional & affordable

Shop Tab is a professional & affordable addition to a business page & the support was second to none. Thank you.
- Sonia Parker

So easy to install

So easy to install. Our store was up in less than 15 minutes. We really love the ability to customize the page and easily change our products based upon the appropriate fantasy sport season. We had three quick comments about our first "Like" within an hour.
- Stacie Stern, Head2Head Sports

...how easy it was...

At British Corner Shop we think ShopTab is a great system, simple to integrate and gives us exactly the type of shop presence that we want on our Facebook page. Many of our customers comment that they are amazed that we have managed to list our shop in Facebook, little do they realise how easy it was. The ShopTab team have been responsive to our feedback, have been quick to act and make improvements to their systems. Keep up the good work.
- Peter Howarth, British Corner Shop