Your Facebook Store is Working Full-Time to Improve your Social Authority

Not sure your Facebook store is making the impact you hoped it would? The early sales numbers aren’t as impressive as you thought they would be? Does that mean you should abandon the shop, of course not! In fact that Facebook shop may be dramatically improving your social signals.

The masterminds over at Google and Microsoft (Bing & .Yahoo’s search engine) have been working diligently to fine tune their process of figuring out just who online really matters. Of course, everyone matters but in the digital space it’s important to determine who users care about.  They have determined that they need to integrate social conversations into the mix because they show engagement and potentially who users care about – this is a perfect opportunity for your store to demonstrate value from both direct sales AND social conversation to your overall online efforts.

According to Danny Sullivan, lead writer with Search Engine Land, Google and Bing are using Twitter and Facebook posts to improve a sites “social signal,” which in turn helps to improve the page rank for that company, product or service. Even if you aren’t seeing the type of traffic you want right now to your store those posts, shares, and tweets that are occurring are helping your social signal, in turn letting Google and Bing know that you have “Social Authority.” This will mean improved page rank, which is a key factor for online traffic.  We all know that in the SEO world that authority matters. Authority carries more weight and sends a signal to Google and Bing that says, “Hey this is something you should pay attention to.” You don’t want to be left out of an important conversation at school, at a party or now when it comes to search!

This doesn’t mean you want to flood your Facebook feed and Twitter feed with posts every thirty minutes. Google and Bing are smart so they notice when someone is reposting content for the sake of posting content. Also you don’t want to lose followers just to improve your social signal. Your followers are influential to your signal as well. When someone finds your content intriguing and decides to tweet about it, then someone else re-tweets, and so forth this generates link building back to you. Your store is a simple way to provide ways for your fans and friends to post about your products.

If you start to question whether or not you should keep your Facebook store or not, think about the effect it just might be having on your social signal.

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