Why Use the Modern Template with ShopTab?

If you’ve recently opened your Facebook shop and are wondering which store design to choose, look no further. Our newest store design, the Modern Template, provides all kinds of added value to both Facebook sellers and buyers.

facebook store modern design

You can select your store design by clicking Settings in your ShopTab admin followed by Store Design Options.

facebook shop design.

From here, you can select Modern under Store Layout.

facebook store design

There are many enhancements the Modern Template gives you that other store layouts may not provide. Here are a few key areas you should consider when selecting your template design.

1. Mobile Users

The modern template was optimized top-to-bottom for mobile users. The number of mobile users on Facebook is growing rapidly and the number of users who are shopping on Facebook with mobile devices is growing just as quickly. Facebook has recently announced that 85% of Facebook users access the social network through mobile devices, and the numbers are only expected to rise.

The modern template was uniquely designed to convert mobile users. The product landing pages are clear, clean, and easy to navigate.

facebook store mobile

The entire design was built to help you convert more customers on mobile devices.

2. Categories Layout

Our new categories layout feature highlights all of your Facebook store’s key categories. The design helps customers navigate a large amount of products quickly, and the feature looks great on mobile devices too! Set your categories in your ShopTab admin and your customers will thank you.

facebook shop landing page

3. Promotion Capabilities

Using a discount code with your Facebook store is a key way to drive added sales. The Modern Template allows you to set a variety of promotions, all directly from your ShopTab admin.

Promotion codes are incredibly selling tools. They draw attention to your products, encourage more of your fans to purchase items, and help you retain customers.

If you’re using ShopTab’s integrated cart with our Modern Template to sell in your Facebook shop, you now have the ability to create unlimited promotions codes to support your social marketing activities.

4. Shipping methods & features

Having flexible shipping options for your customers is important, especially if you sell a variety of products. When using the Modern Template, you’ll see a Shipping tab appear under the Settings option. This will give you access to all kinds of Facebook store shipping options and features that allow you to completely control your shipping experience.

Here’s a full video outlining each Facebook store shipping method and feature.

facebook store shipping

Use our flexible shipping features to implement in-store pick-up, expedited charges and international surcharges. Anything you set up on the shipping page will appear directly in the buyer’s cart.

6. Performance monitoring

Our Facebook store performance dashboard allows you to monitor all of your store’s activity. You can see social activity, buy clicks, promotions, and more, all from within your ShopTab admin. Use the dashboard to see when promotions are driving traffic to your store or learn when the best time to post is.

Get started with the Modern Template!

If your Facebook store sales aren’t where you’d like them to be, try the Modern Template. It opens up access to all of the features listed above, helping you drive more store traffice, increase sales, and monitor your store activity.

If you have questions about using the Modern Template, message us on Facebook or email support@shoptab.net

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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