Why Less Is More In Your Facebook Store

Less is More Box ShopTabToo many choices can be overwhelming in almost any situation, and let’s face it; your ShopTab store is no different. When faced with too many choices it can be difficult for a customer to find the best solution that suits their needs. As with most things, keeping it simple can provide a smoother and less confusing shopping experience that leads to more sales and happier customers. And let’s face it, isn’t that why you started with social selling on Facebook in the first place?


Why Less Can Be More in your Facebook Marketplace

While it is certainly not applicable to all eTailers and ShopTab store users, a slimmed down version on your eCommerce store hosted on your Facebook shopping app can help improve user engagement rates with the products you have for sale. In today’s digital world shoppers are looking to get in and out in a breeze. If a user does not instantly see something that catches their eye they are likely to leave. Can you remember the last time you went past the first or second page in a Google search?

By showcasing only a handful of your most interesting products or creating a category of interesting products and making that a category your default first page in ShopTab you can capture the attention of your fans and encourage them to discover the rest of your store once you have them hooked. Hosting any more than a few pages on your ShopTab could actually be driving traffic away. Add too many options and your customers on Facebook may give up the search before they land on the products they are really interested in, and they may not return. Keeping things short and sweet makes it fun to shop on your page and will encourage your fans to share your page. You have to ask yourself, are you sacrificing quality for quantity?

While this method may not be right for every store in the Facebook marketplace, we are confident that in most cases practicing this method will increase the conversions you see through your Facebook store. Paired with other marketing tools, customization features, and in-store promotions through ShopTab, a smaller store can be significantly more effective than its fully-loaded counterpart. If you aren’t seeing the impact from your Facebook Shop that you desire this approach might be worth a try.

Less is more number signs ShopTab

10 Best Practices For Getting The Most From a Minimal ShopTab Store

  1. Upload only 1-3 pages of products (30 products max)
  2. Showcase your best, most interesting products
  3. Get fans excited with fun product images and entertaining product descriptions
  4. Update your products frequently to keep things fresh
  5. Talk about changes to your store in your status updates to remind customers to come back and see what’s new
  6. Offer Daily Deals on Facebook through ShopTab by highlighting one product in the store or default first page category and rename your tab to “Daily Deal” or “Weekly Deal Store”
  7. Customize your store with branded colors and branded images
  8. Use banner images to highlight store promotions or add coupon codes only available to FB fans in the graphic to drive traffic to your website and encourage customers to return
  9. Personalize the look of your store by adding or removing features that may not be necessary for a small store (search, pricing, categories, etc)
  10. See more tips on How To Sell On Facebook and Social Engagement for Retailers

Leveraging a store with minimal products can help build better relationships with your customers. It can eliminate confusion and help them find what they are looking for faster, making your store more fun to shop. When fans are excited to come to your ShopTab store, they are more likely to talk about their experience of buying products directly from Facebook online and with their friends. The increase engagement and ease-of-use will help to increase interest in your page and conversions in your store.

Examples From Our ShopTab Clients

Martinsville Speedway has done a great job of hosting a minimal store with only two options for purchasing tickets. They also have the added benefit of using their ShopTab store as the default landing page for Facebook fans who come to their page, which we discussed last week in our blog.

Less is More Martinsville Speedway ShopTab store

Let us know how you like to run your ShopTab store. Do you specialize your store around key products and promotions? How many products do you host at once? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Image Source: TannaClark.com

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