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Why Facebook is Perfect for Impulse Buys

In a traditional supermarket, customers move from aisle to aisle with their shopping list, gathering items from the shelves, crossing off items as they are placed in their shopping cart, and making an occasional unplanned purchase when they see something that catches their eye.

Facebook is becoming a powerful selling tool, but not in the traditional sense. Unlike a supermarket, people don’t come to Facebook for shopping. They come to Facebook to socialize and “catch up” with their friends and consume information that interests them (which usually involves a cute pug or a grumpy cat).

If people don’t come to Facebook to shop, how are Facebook stores converting more customers than ever?

The answer: Facebook capitalizes on impulse buyers.

You only have a few words and a few seconds to capture a buyers attention, and then you have to convince them that buying your product is more exciting than continuing to scroll down their wall. Here are 4 reasons building your Facebook store around impulse buyers is a smart way to make money on Facebook.

1. People don’t come to Facebook to browse products

If you visit Facebook to buy all of your holiday presents, search for a new wardrobe, and stock up on toilet paper, you might have a tough time. Amazon is a selling network, Facebook is a social network. However, just because people come to Facebook for connectedness doesn’t mean they don’t make purchases. Unplanned purchases are made every day on Facebook just like the unplanned purchases that are made in retail stores (remember that ugly tie you bought your dad last year?). If you can capture someone’s attention, you can make the sale.

2. Powerful tools provided by Facebook make targeting impulse buyers easier

If you’re using Facebook ads for targeting, you know how incredibly specific targeting can get. You can set your ads by location, interests, behavior, demographics and more. With a few simple tests, you can determine which of your buyers are the impulse buyers. Who clicks your ads? Who likes and comments on your posts? After a few conversions you’ll be able to look at trends and adapt to the customers who are more likely to click “buy now” while looking at your content.

3. Facebook users can’t control what ads appear on their wall

Impulse buys happen because customers see something and think “I need that!”  Putting the product in front of them at the right time makes them several times more likely to buy, and that’s even more important on Facebook. After someone likes your business page, they are not likely to return to Facebook and visit your page and look for updates. Your updates need to appear in their wall if you want to capture their attention. The good news is that you can accomplish this with organic posts that are engaging and ads that encourage action. Facebook gives you the opportunity to put your material right in front of your impulse buyers, so take advantage of it.

4. People can now shop without leaving Facebook

If you build a Facebook store and stock it with your products, your fans don’t have to visit another website to shop. This is huge for you business and it’s ability to convert social shoppers. If users see your products on Facebook, they’re more likely to buy. People want to see pictures, read descriptions, and look at prices, and they don’t want to have to visit another site to do it. Keep your shoppers on Facebook and you’ll notice the difference in your conversions.

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