When should you use COD with your Facebook shop?

Considering opening a Facebook shop but not sure which cart option you should use? For many Facebook store owners, using PayPal or an existing site may not be an option.

Many Facebook sellers require an option that allows them to get paid with cash in-person. Creating a Facebook store with COD (cash-on-delivery) is great if you’re in a cash-based economy or need a solution that:

1. Allows you to sell or finalize custom product purchases in person

2. Allows you to sell without an online payment provider like PayPal

3. Allows you to access new clients that you wouldn’t traditionally be able to reach with your current e-commerce setup

Note: While COD (cash-on-delivery) may be your preferred method of sale in your Facebook store,  you can mix in either PayPal checkout or e-commerce purchase options too.

COD Setup Video

Here’s a quick video introduction to setting up your Facebook shop with COD.

Setting up COD with your Facebook store is quick and easy.

First, login to your ShopTab account and select Settings/Buyer Checkout Options.

facebook shop cash on delivery

Next, select the “Cash on Delivery” tab.

facebook store cash on delivery

Select the “Enable COD payment” checkbox.

You also have the option to edit your notification email.

facebook shop cash on delivery

Select the PayPal button checkbox below if you’d like to give buyers the option to pay with PayPal.

The PayPal button will only show on the confirmation page and not show within your store. You must first activate the Facebook shop integrated cart for this option to work.

facebook shop cash on delivery

You can customize your COD form by clicking on “Edit COD translations”.

Facebook store COD form

This will allows you to collect the information that is important to you when the customer submits their order.

ShopTab 6

You can also view your COD sales by clicking “COD Reports”.

ShopTab 7

Have any questions about COD setup or how to use cash-on-delivery with your Facebook store? Email us at support@shoptab.net or message us on Facebook!

Zach Beattie

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