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While Facebook is still the dominant platform when it comes to social selling, there’s another platform on the rise that can be used to sell online. Instagram.

With 300+M users, Instagram (owned by Facebook), shouldn’t be ignored, especially if your customer base is made up of Millennials.

While many social apps can be managed with the mobile app or with a website (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Instagram won’t let you manage your account until you’ve downloaded the mobile app. In this post, I’m going to show you the basics of Instagram, and explain how you can leverage an Instagram fan base to sell more through your Facebook shop.

Setting up Your Instagram Account

Instagram setup is relatively straightforward. First, download the mobile app. When it’s downloaded you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and login using your Facebook account. After you’ve logged in, the account is created.

How to Place Your Facebook Store URL in Your Instagram Profile

When setting up your account, it’s important to include a link to your Facebook Store URL in your Instagram bio. Now that you’ve set up your mobile app, you can access Instagram through the website on a desktop (this will make editing your profile and adding information much easier.)

Login to your ShopTab account, copy the Store URL from the My Products page, and then place the URL into your Instagram profile.

To insert your link through the Instagram website:

  • Click your profile image and username in the upper right.
  • Click Edit Profile.
  • Enter your website’s URL in the last field on the page.

The link will appear here in your bio.

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Now, people who follow you on Instagram will be able to access your Facebook store directly from your Instagram profile page.

Reminder: Only use the Facebook store URL provided in the ShopTab admin (do not try to copy/paste the URL from Facebook – it’s not mobile-friendly!)

How to Post a Product Image

Posting an image on Instagram is simple and intuitive. Open your Instagram application on your phone and click the camera button. From here you’ll be able to access all of the photos that are already stored on your phone. Any pictures you take with your phone can be uploaded into Instagram and shared with your followers.

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How to Comment on Your Product Image

This is the important part – many of your followers will not know how to access your Facebook store link unless you tell them where the link is. The link that you placed in your profile will not automatically show up when you post an image.

When you upload a photo, you’ll be asked if you want to add a comment.

Whenever you comment on a post, it will show up here.

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Instagram does not allow you to paste your store link in your comment. In your comment, you’ll want to say something like:

“Interested in buying these _____? Click the store link on my profile!”

That will instruct potential buyers to visit your profile page, where they can click your Facebook Store URL and then access your products.

A Few More Tips

1. Hashtags can be a great tool when growing your Instagram following. Here’s a list of 3 hashtags you can use to sell your products.

2. Convert your Facebook fans into your Instagram fans by encouraging them to follow you on both platforms.

3. Focus on high-quality images only – Instagram was designed for your best images only, so make sure you only post your favorite photos (or have a professional take some photos of your products).

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  • Mark Whittaker

    Is there a way to pull all my pics from shopify store into Instagram?

  • We’re not aware of any way to take your images from Shopify into Instagram.