Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Feature to Drive Sales

Advertising on Facebook can be an effective way to drive sales to your Facebook store, but all of the advertising options can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

What’s the correct way to target your audience? What type of ad should you choose? How much money should you spend?

lookalike audience

Most posts about advertising on Facebook will tell local businesses to target people in their zip code or only serve your ads to very specific people within a certain age group (e.g. if you run a women’s clothing store, targeting women between ages 28-34).

That’s a great place to get started, but there’s a better way to invest in Facebook advertising using lookalike audiences. A Facebook lookalike audience is a type of custom audience that allows you to create highly specific targeting for your Facebook ads.

Typically when creating targets with Facebook you’re presented with a basic set of options to choose from: location, demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.

Lookalike Audiences helps you create new audiences based on characteristics from one of the following:
  • Website visitors: Install a Facebook pixel on your site. Then create Lookalike Audiences based on people who’ve visited specific pages on your website.
  • Page fans: Use Lookalike Audiences to create an audience based on people that like your page.
  • Custom Audiences: Upload a list of your existing customers using Custom Audiences. Then use Lookalike Audiences to find people that resemble that audience.

What this means is that you can upload a list of your own customers to Facebook, Facebook will cross-reference the emails with their database, and then they’ll create a Custom Audience made up of the people on your list who also used that same e-mail to sign up to a Facebook account.

You can generate your Lookalike Audience from your Custom Audiences. Facebook will look at all the profile data of the people in your custom audience and create a new list of Facebook users that share similar demographics and interests.

To get started with your first Lookalike Audience, follow Facebook’s getting started guide. If you have any questions about using Facebook ads with your Facebook shop, message us on Facebook or email


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