Use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales in your Facebook Shop

You did your research and have set yourself up with a new Facebook store app.  Now you need to drive customers to your store to generate revenue. There are different marketing avenues that you may take to promote your products.  For new store app users, we suggest you review our FB store quick start guide to see simple and quick success options with our free tools. However, there are times when using Facebook’s advertising platform can make great sense for driving sales and growing your followers.

When using Facebook ads we recommend providing a discount or a packaged deal, since these perform very well within Facebook.  For you to discount your products you will need to login to your account and edit the product that you are looking to discount.  You can adjust your pricing in the price field area shown below. We suggest you note the reduced price in the product title and even in the description.


After you have discounted your product price and saved the changes you will notice a button under the product listings page that says “Promote”. You can use this button to let your customers know about the discounted price directly on your Facebook Fan Page for your followers.  This is a free tool for all ShopTab users to use.


On this Promote dialog, you can see that there is a specific link provided for this product which will allow you to not only promote the product directly on your Facebook page but you can also use this link to promote your product with Facebook Ads  or other platforms (ex: an email blast or in a tweet).  You’ll want to use this link because it has special “smart link” technology that will allow all desktop, tablet and mobile users to access the product page with an optimized landing page.

promote on wall_boots

To broaden your reach outside of your followers on Facebook, use this special product link with a Facebook ads campaign so you can directly target people that may be interested in your store and its products.  To create your own Facebook ad do the following:

  • Go to
  • From here select the goals you would like to accomplish with the ad campaign
  • Facebook will then ask you for more detail on what you chose to accomplish so it knows where to guide your customers.

You may choose “Page Post Engagement” if you want to direct them  to use that link that is populated from the “Promote” feature in the app to direct traffic to the specific products.  This is a great route to take to let consumers know about the discounted product you are offering.  For other campaigns, you may choose to direct them to the main store landing page – the smart link for the full store is located under the “Settings” and “Activate Mobile Store” tab in ShopTab – grab either of the links noted below.


After you choose where you want to link you campaign, you may then choose images that you would like to display with your ads. Below that process it will ask you a series of questions about who you want to target and what industry your products fall under – perfect for a real focused targeting for your product. The last section is going to be the payment information area. You will need to read the details on whether you are paying by impression or paying by click and you will be asked to select a daily budget for your ad.

You may pair the integrated ShopTab “Promote” feature with Facebook ads to reach a much broader market. Those two avenues work together very well to create a solution for you to quickly sell products, generate revenue and expand the followers to your fan page.

If you run a campaign with Facebook ads, let us know what you learned.

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