Use Default Landing Pages to Add Value To Your Facebook Page

Facebook Like ButtonYour Facebook page is a great place to create new customers and grow your business. There are many exciting ways to leverage social media to draw in new fans, but the real value lies in the relationships that are built once they arrive. It is important that your business focus on adding value to the user so they remember your page and have a reason to return and interact with your updates and create a long-term relationship.


Ways To Add Value To Your Page

  • Utilizing different Facebook landing pages
  • Adding a ShopTab Facebook store
  • Sharing photos, videos, and interesting links
  • Posting original content from your blog or website
  • Communicating with all users who interact with your page
  • Utilizing unique apps on your Facebook page
  • Running Facebook contests and promotions

The Value of Landing Pages

While there are many ways to increase the value of your Facebook page, Facebook landing pages (Fan Gates or Like Gates) are the best way to instantly inform a new user who lands on your page what your business is about and what your fan page has to offer. When a user, who has not liked your page,  lands on your Facebook page the designated landing page will be the first thing they see. Typically landing pages include a special incentive to like the page such as a promotion, a contest, or an interesting video or game that can only be accessed after liking that page. When used intelligently, landing pages can do wonders for growing your fan page base and creating users who are interested and invested in your business or community.

ShopTab Landing Page RedBull

ShopTab Landing Pages

One great way to draw the attention of new users is to make a ShopTab Facebook Shop the first page they see when visiting your page. Many of our users have started to use ShopTab as their default Facebook landing page as a way to make their products top of mind and raise awareness that that have products for sale on Facebook. It can be a great way to showcase featured products and increase social sharing thanks to the Like and Tweet buttons associated with each product.

For ShopTab Ultimate Package users we offer a special Fan Gate feature that allows users to create a custom landing page before users enter the store. You can include personalized images and messaging to encourage customers to like the page and excite them about using your store. These images can be static or changed out as often as you desire. See the images and links below for examples of stores using ShopTab landing pages.

How To Set ShopTab As Your Default Landing Page

  1. Click on Edit Page on top right part of your Facebook page
  2. Click on the “Manage Permissions” tab if not already selected
  3. Under the “Default Landing Page” dropdown select ShopTab (select and  customize the  name for your shop)

ShopTab Landing Page Default Setup

Example Stores with ShopTab Landing Pages

Assouline Publishing

ShopTab Landing Page Assouline Publishing



ShopTab Landing Page UsTrendy

Have other interesting ideas on promoting your Facebook page? Share what you have done with your ShopTab store and landing pages on our Facebook page and your idea may be picked as our next showcased company in our upcoming newsletter.


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  • kmtsunshine1

    There is no “SHOP” selection in the Default Landing Tabdrop down box on the fan page I just created today.  I see your post is dated January 5, 2012.  Has something changed since that date??

  • Have you signed up for ShopTab or another Facebook store? You’ll need to register for a Facebook store application to get the tab.