Use A Facebook Shop to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If your business is already on Facebook, you likely know how important it is to get your website visitors to “like” your page. Driving traffic from a website to social media is important to capture a loyal following, but people often forgot about the reverse situation: driving traffic from Facebook back to your website.

Facebook traffic is highly valuable

Sharing fresh content from your site on Facebook helps with search engine optimization, and it tells Google that your site is a place people want to come back to more than once.

facebook shop button

There are several ways you can drive traffic from Facebook to your site. You can post relevant content, you can add links to your “about” section, and you can pay for ads.

There’s another option you may not know about. If you’re using a Facebook shop, you can direct potential customers from your Facebook shop to any page on your website.

Connecting a Facebook shop to your website

Shoptab’s Facebook store website integration allows you to post products directly on Facebook and then link those products to individual pages on any e commerce enabled site.

Here’s a video showing how it works.

When users click the “Buy Now” button, they’re directed to any URL on your website that you specify in your Facebook shop settings.

Dedicated product pages allow you to show off your products with images, descriptions, and prices.



Every time someone enters your shop and clicks on a button that leads to your site, you have an opportunity for another sale. Facebook can drive highly qualified customers to your site, especially if you’ve targeted the customers with Facebook ads or developed a strong following of fans on your Facebook page.

If you don’t already sell on an existing site, you can use our Facebook shop integrated cart, allowing Facebook fans to make purchases directly from your Facebook page.

Have questions about setting up your Facebook store and optimizing for traffic to your website? Send us a note at or message us on Facebook.

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • 7 Ways to Drive Traffic From Facebook to Your Website
    Optimize your Facebook page for website clicks. People can’t click through to your practice website if they can’t find the link. …
    Consistently post fresh blog content on your website. …
    Optimize your content for sharing. …
    Use big images. …
    Craft compelling text. …
    Turn Likers Into Followers. …
    Update Your Website. game

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