Tracking Your Facebook Store Success

We’ve talked in the past about the best ways to merchandise your Facebook Store and how to grow your audience. But we haven’t really addressed the issue of how do you measure your social commerce efforts? How do you know if using a social shop is an impactful answer for your brand and products? Easy, implement Google Analytics to track your traffic from your Facebook store!

Google Analytics is a terrific, FREE measurement tool that allows you to take traffic and conversion tracking into your own hands, and did I mention it’s free? Since you’ve optimized your Facebook Shop to the best of its social selling abilities you now need to know if it’s performing. Google Analytic’s allows you to set a unique URL tracker that will show you just how many people click on the Buy Now button.

As noted below you can see a snapshot of Facebook conversions in a recent Google Analytics dashboard report.


We have seen with previous case studies ShopTab’s Facebook Shop has been proven to be the number one referral traffic driver for your website. See for yourself how it can work for your website with these examples below.

                Mario Badescu Skincare Company – Drive Sales to your Facebook Store.

                Daytona International Speedway – Drive traffic and sales to your Facebook Shop.

View the slideshow below for a quick overview to implement Google Analytics into your Facebook Store.

[slideshare id=14099848&doc=googleanalyticsimplementation-120828173918-phpapp01]

If you don’t have a website and are using PayPal Express Checkout for payments, Facebook insights is a great tool to monitor your new traffic. Not only does it show you your new “likes” but you can see insights into your weekly reach as well as how many people you have talking about your products and page.