Top 5 Ways to Merchandise your Facebook Store


Are you showcasing your products the best way possible, or at least think you are? A Facebook store is a lot like an eCommerce site so when it comes down to highlighting and merchandising your products there are a few rules of the road we suggest to increase your sales.

1) Make sure you have turned on your social buttons. You are on a social network for crying out loud so allow your fans to share your products! Encourage them to share or tweet about your products.

2) Choose the best layout for your products. Your website or Facebook store’s job is to make sure your products look the best they possibly can. For some ShopTab stores that may be a timeline grid layout, for others a timeline stacked layout. Greg Beldam from in an interview with Mashable states, that it is best to use features that “complement and balance the product.”

3) One of the most important parts of your store is your imagery, this is the visual snapshot for your customers to determine if they like or love your products. With your Facebook shop the one image that is displayed in your store has to make a statement. Hint: you want to double check that you are actually pulling an image before you’re done editing your product. We have recently released a new feature that allows the user to hover over your image and it becomes larger, keep this in mind especially for the image size upload. Now that the images can appear larger you have a chance to get creative with your imagery. For example, you can create a picture that has multiple shots of your product.



4) We have talked in the past about using your Buy Now button for different calls to action for your fans. Nothing is worse than having someone click on a link and it sends them either nowhere or to the wrong place. Check your URL’s to make sure you are sending your customers to the correct place. Also think about changing the coloring of your call to action buttons, according to Beldam “Make call-to-action buttons stand out by being bright and colorful.”

5) Lastly you want to make a lasting impression with your images while leaving them wanting more with your product description. For ShopTab clients that have an existing eCommerce site the product description can continue on to their website after 400 characters for the timeline grid layout and 500 characters for the timeline stacked layout. But if you are using PayPal for payments then you don’t really have a place for your customers to go when your product description ends. Also, follow some words of wisdom from Beldam and create a hierarchy for the information that is most important, sometimes less is more.

This simple checklist will help you to optimize your selling opportunities. We look forward to hearing what you think so let us know if you have any ideas that we should add.