Top 5 Promotion Code Ideas For Your Facebook Store

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We just released the latest feature for all ShopTab Facebook stores, the ability to create promotion codes.

Promotion codes are a powerful tool you can use to drive sales and Facebook shop engagement, and there are all kinds of great ways to utilize this new feature. After you’ve created the code for your Facebook store, you want to make sure the code is seen and used by your fans.

If you haven’t created a promotion code yet or aren’t sure where to get started, here are 5 ideas for promotion codes that you can implement today.

1. Place a promotion code in your store banner

If you created your promotion code, but you aren’t sure if your fans are seeing it, this can be a great way to raise awareness. First, create an image that includes text with your promotion code (if you’re not a designer, Canva is a great tool for easy, quick designs.) Then you can upload the banner for your Facebook store under Settings/Store Design Options – for instructions on how to add a store banner, click here. A good image size is 810 x 200 pixels.

Example: Create a code called “TENOFF” and then add text to your banner that says, “Get $10.00 OFF each order over $100 using the code TENOFF”

It could be something as simple as this:

Get $10 each order over $100 using the

2. Use your promotion code to encourage engagement on your Facebook Page

If someone shares one of your posts or interacts with your wall – send them your discount! Don’t be afraid to use private messages to reach out to fans and say “Thanks for the share! Use the code “TENOFF” for $10 off your next order of $100 or more :)” This will create a memorable moment for your customer, making them more likely to talk about your store and become a repeat customer.

When you create a post, mention that you have a special promotion for anyone that shares the post. If you have too many shares to keep up with, ask people to share and then send you a message for the code- it’s much easier to respond to messages then to track down individual Facebook users.

Note: Facebook has recently cracked down on posts that sound too promotional, so be careful using words like “share” and “like” too much in your posts. For more information, read this post we created on Facebook’s new algorithm.

3. Send a code directly to your best customers

If you have customers that are true “brand advocates” and you’d like to thank them, create a special code for them and then send them an email or a Facebook message to let them know that you appreciate their business and wanted to give them a discount.

Example: Create a code called “THANKYOU” for 15% off their next order.

4. Create a holiday promotion code

Christmas coming up? 4th of July? Arbor day? National puppy appreciation day?

Create a code for a specific event or time period and then encourage your fans to use it ”before time runs out!” Timed promotions centered around events create a sense of urgency, and can be a great way to drive sales.

5. Send promotion codes in your email marketing

If you’re already collecting emails on a website or on your Facebook page, you can create promotion codes for your email subscribers and then send it out to your entire following. According to a study by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

Create a code for your email followers and then track the number of codes used to see how effective your email marketing is.

Have you used other creative ideas to distribute promotion codes to your fans? Share them in the comments below!

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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