Top 4 Ways to Guarantee Facebook Shop Success

social checkerboardSince 2009, we have had clients that comment after a few days or weeks using our app that  they aren’t selling enough to justify the expense of their Facebook Shop. I’m always puzzled why they are so surprised at the outcome.  A quick review of their Facebook Fan Page and other online assets reveals an inactive or unengaged audience on Facebook and little indication, through online conversation or promotion, that they actually have products or services available for discussion or purchase.  Hmmm….you can’t get a horse to drink water if you don’t ever show him where it is!

While we love the ShopTab product, the answer for these unsuccessful social sellers isn’t our technology or anyone else’s.  Solutions like ShopTab are easy to set-up, quick to integrate payment solutions and provide quality merchandising templates.  These applications incorporate excellent tactical features, such as a Facebook product promotion button, that can deliver impact on a fan page or in a client’s news feed.  However, these only play a small part in the success of a Facebook store.

So, why are some owners unsuccessful and others tell us that they sold out of their items in their first week of running the Facebook Store (from a great client call yesterday)?  We offer these essential tips.

Here’s ShopTab’s Top 4 “No Lose” Ways to Facebook Shop Success

  1. CREATE A PLAN: Create a strategy and marketing plan for social selling and then integrate it into your overall company marketing plans. Build a store and they will come doesn’t work – it didn’t for bricks and mortar, e-commerce sites and won’t for Facebook Shops.  If social selling doesn’t fit into your marketing plans, you are in trouble.  If you don’t have an overall marketing plan to connect the social plan to, you aren’t ready for your store!  Plans work – ask any successful military leader, entrepreneur or corporate executive.
  2. ENGAGE: Social networks are by nature social. Get into discussions about your market and all things relevant.  Being social doesn’t guarantee success but if you aren’t engaged, I can guarantee social selling failure. Come on, it might even be fun for you!
  3. PROMOTE:  It has been proven that fans on social networks like Facebook are looking for deals, exclusives and unique information from their favorite brands. Promoting a new product, an exclusive offer, a discount or soliciting feedback on products are viable options to integrate into your dialog. While this shouldn’t dominate your posts, it can be integrated into your mix with success.
  4. LISTEN AND RESPOND: Solicit and ask for feedback, respond to posts, reach out to new fans and ask them why they liked you. These connections will help you to learn from your prospects and clients what will make sense for future social selling engagements and promotions. This is how the best companies win.

The good news…. we’ve seen it work over and over and over again. We have clients across the globe that started their online business with a ShopTab store and are growing each month. We have large companies that can validate a hard ROI with the benefit of knowing they are engaging and developing their best clients.

Is this effort worth it for you? A couple of weeks ago we told you a Facebook Fan is worth close to $175 a year for large brands.  This number was up 28% from two years earlier. If memory serves me right, we were having these same types of discussions about e-commerce a decade ago and this online market is currently close to 20% of all U.S. sales.  Social Commerce has the potential for a similar future and now is your time to get into the game.  Just start with a plan.


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