The Value of Facebook Shop “Smart Links” for Mobile

Mobile, mobile, mobile.

We’ve heard time and time again that mobile is the future of social selling. We can now safely say that mobile isn’t the future of social selling. It’s happening now.

As of April 15, 2015, Facebook has 526 million monthly active mobile-only users. That’s staggering.

65% of Facebook videos are viewed on mobile devices, and Facebook is now responsible for 60% of all mobile social sharing. Here’s a great infographic from Venture Beat that puts the growth into perspective.

mobile only users

The rise of mobile isn’t just a trend, and it hasn’t reached its peak. More and more Facebook users will access the platform through their phones, and the rise in mobile has direct implications on how marketers use Facebook to sell goods and services.

Facebook app mobile URL limitation

If you’re a Facebook marketer, you know that Facebook is constantly changing and updating it’s platform to provide the best content to its users. Facebook store owners have to find the best ways to reach their users on multiple platforms, but sometimes Facebook restrictions and updates make it difficult to keep up.

One limitation we found when building our Facebook shop app, was the inability to copy & paste the URL from a Facebook app page and then open it on a mobile device. For instance, if you wanted to share a Facebook app URL on Twitter, your mobile users wouldn’t be able to click the link and open the page unless they were on a desktop.

Fortunately, we were able to create a solution.

Using Facebook shop ”smart links”

When selling on Facebook, marketers needed a way to share their Facebook store URL with users on all devices. They wanted to be able to promote their store and allow their customers to purchase items via mobile phones.

At ShopTab, we created something called a “smart link” that automatically detects what device the URL is opened on and then creates a shopping experience that is best for that device.

By using smart links, Facebook store owners can now share their store URL knowing that their shop will look great. When the Facebook store is opened on a mobile phone, customers get a fully-mobile experience.

mobile facebook store

How to access your smart links

There are two ways you can access your Facebook store smart links.

We’ve created a “Store URL” link that you can copy and past from your Settings/My Products page after logging into your ShopTab account. You can also access the URL to a specific product, by copying and pasting any of the “Product URL“s on the Settings/My Products page.



Have any questions about using your smart link for mobile customers? Let us know at

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