The Five Best Ways to Kill the Audience for your Facebook Shop


You login to your Facebook fan account to see what kind of interaction happened when you were offline and you see that there are no new fans. In fact, you’ve lost a few!  For anyone that is new to social marketing it becomes an addiction to watch the growth of your Facebook fan base. If you are like me, it can be a roller coaster ride that you just want to get off of because of the daily ups and downs.

Last week on this blog we launched part one of our five week adventure through the whitepaper “Return on Facebook,” a social commerce strategy document for your Facebook shop. We asked you to answer three important questions with one of them being – “Do you have a written social marketing strategy?”  Once you have completed this strategy you’ll need to immediately start the process of growing the audience to your Facebook fan page.

Our strategy document provides numerous ways to grow your audience.  Instead of summarizing those in this post, we are going to talk about five things you shouldn’t do:

1.       YOU’RE NOT POSTING INTERESTING CONTENT. People want to like you. They don’t start out thinking “I’m just not going to like them at all.” By giving them interesting, compelling and fun content centered on your company and brand it reaffirms their like, or shall we say, love for you.

2.       YOU DON’T RESPOND.  You break the cardinal rule of social and don’t respond to someone’s attempt at reaching out to you. That’s like showing up to the party 10 hours late, everyone has already gone home and they are no longer interested in what you have to say. If you start a discussion with a post you should be available to respond in a reasonable period of time.

3.       ALL YOU DO IS PROMOTE AND SELL YOUR PRODUCTS.  Even though you are trying to grow a fan base to create overall engagement for your Facebook store you don’t want to bombard people with BUY, BUY, BUY! See what I did there? I said BUY three times in all caps, practically yelling at you to buy and it was pretty annoying. You’ve been to that networking event where that one person tries to sell everyone in the room and everyone does their best to stay away from him.

4.       YOU’RE A NARCISSIST.  You only post your own content. Don’t suffer from the narcissistic syndrome of thinking your content is all people want. People like variety, context, perspective on your market and you are a vehicle for helping to educate them.  

5.       NO OWNERSHIP.  Last but not least, your social media is being controlled by someone who knows social media but nothing about your company, your values, your perspective or brand promise. This can be very detrimental to your social media efforts as well as a misrepresentation of what your organization is all about. This is like using trade show models to staff your show booth – they make create a short-term attraction but they aren’t going to provide a meaningful engagement with a client or prospect.

Take a look below for a few tactics to help grow and engage your audience.

 [slideshare id=12272731&doc=shoptabssocialstrategyslideshow1-120403143434-phpapp02]

Follow us for the next installment of your social marketing plan, social commerce tactics. We’ll turn the planning and audience growth into the most successful tactics to drive your sales. Download our complete Social Commerce Strategy document if you would like to review all steps in the process.

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