The First Three Promotions You Should Run With Your Facebook Store

You’ve created your Facebook page, you’ve opened your Facebook store, and you’ve built up a large fan base. Now what?

You may be wondering how to best launch your newly created Facebook store. How much do you promote? Where should you start? The options can be overwhelmingly. Luckily, managing a Facebook store can be a quick and painless process. We’ve outlined three simple and easy-to-create promotions that you can run with your Facebook shop in the first week.

The best part: they can all be created in less than 10 minutes!


1. Promote a product

Promoting one of your products on Facebook is the easiest way to get more eyes on your great merchandise.

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Click the “Boost Post” button below one of the products you’ve recently posted about (always remember to include the link to your Facebook store in the post!). This will open a box inside of Facebook that will allow you to adjust your promotion settings. Change your audience and your budget based on the goals of your promotion.

For instance, if you are a local shop you’ll want to set the audience to your specific geographic area. If you only have a few products to promote, you can set a low budget (<$20) and see if that’s enough to move the last few items.

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You can also set the time limit for your promotion. We suggest starting with a short time period of 1-3 days.

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2. Create a percentage discount promotion

Creating a percentage discount in your Facebook shop admin is quick and easy. Here’s a full FAQ that shows you how to set up a promotion code in your Facebook store. When you’ve created your code, you can post on your Facebook page and promote the deal that you’ve created.

facebook promotion


3. Create a fixed discount promotion

Setting up a fixed discount promotion during your first week is another great way to launch your Facebook store. One technique is to offer a fixed discount for orders over a specific amount.

For instance, 10% off for orders over $100.

facebook store discount

You can create a percentage based discount and a fixed discount in your Facebook store at the same time, but they serve different purposes. Percentage based discounts are great for one-off promotions of single products (e.g. moving old inventory), while fixed discounts are great for increasing the total number of items/value of items purchased.

We recommend that you try both types of promotions in your first week. 3-5 promotions in your first week is a great start (too many promotions might hurt your post engagement).

facebook promotion



If you have any questions about your first week with a Facebook store or about specific promotions you’d like to run, message us on Facebook or email us at We’re here to help!

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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