Are Targeted and Promoted Posts Valuable for your Facebook Success?

Over the past few months Facebook has made great strides enhancing the Facebook Fan Page posting and engagement experience. We wanted to determine if their new features, Targeted and Promoted posts, had the potential to add to the social selling efforts in general and with your Facebook store.

When you use Facebook as a way to engage and listen to your clients and prospects, your success is built around your overall visibility, engaging conversations and sharing. Facebook uses a tricky to understand EdgeRank algorithm to determine just how many people see your posts. It’s based upon affinity, recency, and interaction, according to Luke Brynley-Jones on Social Media Today. So what does that all mean to you? It means that only about 12% of your fans end up seeing your posts, as stated by Josh Constine with Tech Crunch. We’ve seen other reports that suggest the 15% to 20% range for new feed appearance can be expected. Either way, you aren’t getting to 80%+ of your fan base.

So how do you make sure that your posts are being seen?

When you post something on your Fan Page an option in the bottom right corner of the dialog box is labeled “promote”- this is the new Promoted Post option.  Using this new feature gives you the opportunity to take control of how many people your posts will reach, as well as enhancing your ability to reach an audience outside of your existing fan base. The post can be promoted for a cost ranging from $5.00 to $500.00, it varies depending on the audience size you want to reach.

In order to quantify the value for your Facebook efforts, we have been using promoted posts over the last couple of months and have noticed a significant increase in awareness around our content. Here are our key lessons from using this feature:

  •      Photos are by far the most popular content to promote
  •      Posting of blog posts demonstrated our lowest engagement levels
  •      Experimenting with different content types is important early in this process, different audiences (ex: B2B vs. B2C) are looking for different reasons to engage with you
  •      Promotion of a product coupled with a special offer (discount, packaged offer or quantity specials) does really well
  •      Use of a designated content calendar to time the promoted post made the most sense for budget and performance 
  •      Targeting your post (see detail below) can really amp up your engagement with defined audiences
  •      There wasn’t a linear value in spending more to promote a post. Our take would be that there are diminishing returns as Facebook’s “reach” for the post gets closer to your total fan count.
  •      The user engagement (Facebook’s defined “engaged users” and “talking”) were exponentially impacted. This was a pleasant surprise as noted in the graphic below.

Facebook also offers their best practices for promoted posts and content as a reference.

What else can you do to increase engagement with your posts?

Targeted posts allow you to cut through all the noise and target specific fans based on age and gender. Adding filters to your posts can potentially increase your fan engagement by reaching out to a more specific audience that wants to hear what you have to say. For example, you may sell tutus for little girls. More than likely your targeted audience would be Female and an age range of 21-40. Now that you have applied certain filters, Facebook will sift through your fans and aim your posts at those that meet your criteria.  This option doesn’t cost you anything either – bonus!

*The targeted post feature for Facebook is only available for accounts with 100+ fans.

We’ve found these new Facebook features to very helpful in driving up our engagement levels and targeting the distribution of content we feel is really important for our users and prospects. Let us know what you think about these new Facebook features. 


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