How to Create a Product Promotion in Facebook

Limited Offer Stamp Shows Product PromotionFacebook is a perfect marketing platform for running a product promotion.  According to Social Media Examiner, “79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked, so pursuing more fans and deeper engagement with existing fans is a huge priority!”  Since your fans are likely to buy from your company, we want to help you to create a simple to execute social product promotion plan.

The key steps in social promotion planning are the creation of the offer, using all of your key social media options and consistent communication.  We’ve seen many clients who have made this a significant marketing component of their social activities in order to reinforce to their fans that they value them and their engagement.   So let’s get started.

I. Create the Promotion

There are a number of ways to create a valuable promotion. It is important to remember that social fans appreciate and share special offers, deals and discounts. Package something that you feel is compelling for your fans and something they are likely to share with friends.

  • Success Measures: Declare your success objectives for the promotion  – things like increased awareness, engagement and sales. Overall social engagement about your products will pay off long-term, even if the clients don’t buy immediately or during the promotion.
  • Structure: Consider special pricing, free shipping/expedited shipping, unique combination of products or even  an offer only available to your social fans – i.e. not on your website available for all users.
  • Scarcity: Make sure that you designate a restricted time frame or a limited volume of inventory available for this promotion. Since social buys are highly influence by impulse, you want to take advantage of creating scarcity to the offer.

II. Implement a Promotion System using your Social Options

You must create a process to make sure you get the word out concerning your promotion to your fans.  We suggest the following process.

    • Deploy the offering in your Facebook Store or Social Deal App.
    • Use a Facebook Share (in ShopTab’s app use our special “Promote” button) to push the offer into your news feed.
    • Once posted, go to your news feed and “pin” it to the top of your Fan Page so everyone can see it for the duration of the promotion.
    • Now engage your other social channels – use the Tweet or Pin button in your product listings to create more awareness. Think about posting the product link in your blog or Tumblr account.
    • Consider the use of Facebook’s paid promotion option to reach targeted users outside of your fan base. While this will cost you money, the opportunity to target outside of your fan base can be compelling.
    • Engage your entire list of social channels above repeatedly over the coming days/weeks of the promotion. Don’t overwhelm your fans but recognize that it takes multiple postings to gain a high awareness rate.
    • Don’t miss the opportunity to create urgency for the offer by using your last 24 to 48 hours to make them aware the offer is about to expire.

III. Review and Adjust

After the promotion has run its course review the impact against your success measurements. Learning what works best with your fans may take some time and you won’t learn if you don’t experiment. We hope this simple system will help you to implement a few promotions into your near-term marketing plans.  If you give it a try, let us know how it goes.

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Holiday Success with Social Commerce

It’s t-minus 39 days until October 1st, the official start of the retail holiday season. Now that the countdown is in the double digits it’s time to get your holiday plans in gear so you can make sure you don’t miss out on this lucrative shopping time. We previously gave you a brief overview of what you need to be thinking about for your holiday Facebook store. This time around we want to give you validation for why you need to get your Facebook store ready for the holidays.

More than likely you are already teeing up your eCommerce site. You’ve put the holiday products in place, determined the discounts you will offer, and laid out your advertising campaigns. But have you thought about what your social commerce should look like this season? A lot of times people seem to think a Facebook store is a separate entity from their website. However, using a Facebook shop should be thought of as an extension of your eCommerce efforts. It’s not there to compete with your website. It’s there to drive traffic back to your website which in turn can drive revenue that you may not have seen from search engines alone. According to Mark Grondin the Senior Vice President, Marketing, Shopatron, he believes a Facebook store “is the number one traffic generator outside of search engines.” So this holiday season think of ways that a Facebook store can aid your website and sales.

Social media has emerged as the new way for consumers to talk about brands and products. When you place yourself in social venues you are giving yourself a chance to join in on the discussions your audience might be having without you. “The benefit right now, he stated, is people are interacting with brands on Facebook, and having a Facebook store will make your products that much more of the discussion,” stated Grondin. Become a part of that discussion this holiday by having a social presence with a Facebook shop. There’s no better way to reach and engage an audience then by being where your consumers are.

Surely you’ve heard of the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” the same can be said of your products if your audience can’t see them. There is a reason why you were craving a Coke after watching the Olympics. You were bombarded with Coke commercials and paraphernalia that your brain was subconsciously telling you, you must have a Coke. When you implement a Facebook store you are giving yourself the opportunity to make an impression on your audience by creating a constant presence in their space. They will continually see your brand and your products, therefore when it comes time to make a purchase it will be like the Coke scenario. Their brain will subconsciously tell them they need to purchase your products.

If you haven’t developed a website just yet, don’t fret you can still reap the benefits of selling on Facebook with ShopTab. By integrating PayPal Express Checkout you no longer have to have a website for the customer to check out on. So if you are looking for a way to reach your Facebook audience this holiday season then look no further than starting a Facebook store.

Now it’s time to get your Facebook shop up and running before October 1st. The earlier you have it planned and implemented the bigger the reward come the end of the online holiday selling season.

Don’t forget to enter our Creature Feature contest in order to win an Amazon Kindle or $100 gift certificate. Visit our Facebook page for more details.

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Delivering Beautiful Results with a Facebook Shop


Mario Badescu Skin Care is all about their personal one-on-one relationships with their clients for their skin care regime. Since its founding almost 50 years ago they haven’t lost sight that their clients come first. The emergence of social media gave them a new opportunity to engage women, who were focused on their skin care, in a very personal way. Specifically, Facebook allowed them to have a direct online relationship with their clients but they needed an elegant way to introduce their products into these social discussions. That’s when they decided to add a Facebook shop to their Fan Page. Since the implementation of the store it has been one of fastest growing traffic drivers to their e-commerce website.

Getting off to a fast start with Social Commerce was important to the team – they wanted to see impact for their efforts.  In the first 90 days they realized over 4,400 new visits to their website. More importantly, they were seeing incremental purchases – over 80 new orders.

Their purchase conversion rate of 1.85% in this period for visitors was in-line with other digital marketing efforts.

The team at Mario Badescu has been extremely creative in creating loyal fans for their page and their products.  One of their tactics rewards their fans by giving each person that likes their page the opportunity to receive free samples of their skin care line!

Tell us a little bit about your company?

Mario Badescu Skin Care is a 46-year-old luxury skin care line founded by the late, Romanian-born Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu spent many years developing and testing his innovative products before opening his iconic Manhattan-based salon. Today, Mario Badescu Skin Care produces some of the finest botanically-based skin care products in the world. Sold online and in high-end department stores and beauty boutiques, this highly respected, international brand still continues to hinge its reputation on providing the same type of customized, personalized treatment and care that made Mario Badescu’s salon famous nearly 50 years ago.

Why do you feel clients buy from you?

At Mario Badescu Skin Care, a complete, personalized skin care program is customized for each client—whether through our online skin analysis, over the counter, or at our salon. Putting their skin in our hands means that clients receive the exact skin care products necessary for their particular skin type and concerns. We ensure that each client gets exactly what their skin needs and with the most effective, gentle ingredients possible, including fruit extracts, seaweed, high quality vitamin oils, aloe vera, chamomile, and caviar.

What do you feel sets you apart from your competitors?

Despite that Mario Badescu Skin Care is now a world-famous, international brand, the company will never allow itself to lose the personal customer service for which it has become famous.

When did you start engaging with clients in social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

Long before I started working here. I would say, as early as they became available or shortly thereafter. 2004ish I am told by my boss.           

How has your thinking changed in terms of using social marketing?

We feel that social media has allowed us to become even closer to customers; better able to provide one-on-one interaction between each client and the brand in a way that is unprecedented. We are also better able to communicate with customers about the brand and provide our community with access to educational resources about skin care.

Why did you decide to deploy a Facebook store with your social marketing?

Ultimately we felt it was an easy way for current and prospective customers to see our products, engage with us and the community all without having to navigate away from Facebook to an external and potentially unfamiliar site.

What have you learned about engaging your fans with you Facebook store?

A lot. Not only is it a brilliant medium to expose your products to customers, it helps with brand re-enforcement too. People who like the products on those platforms back them up and share their experiences more frequently with their friends, who might not have ever heard of our brand before. 

How do you gauge success with social commerce and your overall social marketing?

Every time we engage with a customer in a way that provides them with exposure to our brand and access to better information (and, ultimately, better skin), we feel that our efforts in social media have been rewarded.

Is there one program, campaign or tactic that provides a good story for the impact of social marketing for your organization that you can share?    

We fully believe that exposing prospective clients to our products is the best way to gain new customers. As such, we wish we could give everyone the chance to try our products for free before committing to a skin care regimen. We offer every person who ‘likes’ our Facebook page a full, customized regimen of skin care products in sample size. This full regimen of samples arrives with a complete set of instructions.

We would like to thank Bradford Giosa and Jillian Ruffino, the social media director, for taking the time to talk with us about Mario Badescu Skin Care and to allow our audience to learn from their efforts in social media.

For more information about selling on Facebook, read our recent blog post about the various ways to take payment in your Facebook store.

If you want more coverage of successful Facebook shops please read our interview with Daytona International Raceway and their Facebook store success.

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Holiday Shopping tips for your Facebook Shop

As July starts coming to a close the last thing on your mind is the holiday season. It’s still 100 degrees outside – how can anyone get in the seasonal spirit? Well as merchants you all know the value of getting your store fronts and products prepared early since what’s planned in July and August impacts sales in October, November, and December. This principal applies to social selling in your Facebook Shop as well.

Here is a quick rundown of things to think about to prevent your holidays from turning into a holidaze!

-          PRODUCTS: Start thinking about the products you want to place in your holiday store. Do you want to offer discounted products only or offer your products at full price with special impact? During the holiday season people start to go discount crazy, they expect sales and they’ll want sales. Now let’s look at the psychological aspect of a sale, it gives them instant gratification that they purchased something with just cause. It was on sale! You as a merchant don’t want to offer instant gratification you want to offer lifetime gratification for being a long-term customer. To achieve this you need to give your shopper a surprise impact, something that is meaningful to them or out of the ordinary. Andrianes Pinantoan a guest writer for FutureBuzz, offers a few ways to create the surprise:

  • Send a card wishing them a Happy Holidays with their shipment.
  • Give them a gift in their shipment, something that isn’t on your website or Facebook store.
  • Provide the product and don’t charge for shipping.
  • Upgrade their products if they can be upgraded.

-          PLACE: Think about where you want to present your products. Do you want to place them on multiple platforms or just offer specific products in your Facebook store or website only? Where is your audience at and what will draw the most attention?  Highlight products in your Facebook Shop that are oriented toward social sharing and conversation. Set up your social conversations prior to the holidays about these products to create awareness to a broader set of prospects.

-          PRESENTATION: Once your platform is chosen make sure you add a little festive flair to your Facebook Shop. Help people get in the holiday spirit, place holiday imagery and colors in your graphics. In your Facebook store you can change the coloring for your Buy Now buttons, and update your store banner. New social sellers that don’t have an existing website can use a Facebook Shop with an integrated PayPal checkout or even Cash on Delivery (COD) option to provide additional visibility to your products.

-          TIMING:  Research indicates that the online holiday shopping season is growing longer and retailers needs to focus on key peak buying periods. Bluekia has noted some very important days when holiday shoppers are making a majority of purchases.  Additionally, according to Internet Retailer, in 2011 over 50% of consumers said they would do their holiday shopping online.  The lesson for social sellers is that you need to manage your social activities, product focus, and conversations for extended periods of time this coming holiday season. Make sure you focus on those key dates when shoppers are highly motivated to buy.  Remember, social conversations are key elements in search engine algorithms. By engaging in those conversations early on you will benefit from ultimate search rankings.

-          AUDIENCE: This is an opportunity to build your long-term brand advocates. How you handle your holiday selling can impact your long-term sales. If you deliver great products coupled with great service that feeling will stick with your consumer. They will come back for the same experience again and again. To impact your brand building think of unique ways to market to the human nature of altruism.  According to Pinantoan, he suggests that instead of offering holiday discounts let the consumer know that a certain percentage of the proceeds will go to a charity. Or let them know that for every dollar spent a dollar will be donated to a specific cause.

Even though the summer season hasn’t even come to a close finalizing your holiday plan is critical. The earlier you tackle it the more time you will have to execute it. Let us know some of your favorite holiday promotions for our next blog post! Sound off below in the comment section or visit us on Facebook.

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Effects of Mobile on eCommerce and Social Shopping

Last month we discussed a Social Shopping Study on eCommerce, Social Media, and Customer Reviews from the e-tailing group. Today we would like to take a look at the same study’s insight into the mobile impact on social shopping.

It is undeniable that social shopping and mobile are two of the largest and fastest growing segments of eCommerce and digital engagement today. It only makes sense that the two would find a way to converge and leverage the strengths of one another. So far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, but we anxiously anticipate what innovative developments are soon to be at our fingertips.

Their recent study surveyed 1,004 adults, with the majority falling between 35-44 years old with a nearly even split of men to women.

The survey found that 92% of users purchase products online at least once a month and that nearly 75% spend over $500 a year online. These figures indicate a strong rise in eCommerce over the last few years, but where does mobile come into the picture?

While the mobile commerce is still looking to define itself, the idea of purchasing products from a mobile device is becoming less foreign to smartphone users as the mobile web becomes heavily integrated into their everyday lives. In fact, Forrester predicts mobile commerce to grow to $31 Billion by 2016.

Currently consumers most frequently use their mobile devices for product research/reviews as well as interacting with in-store marketing such as QR codes. The overwhelming majority of mobile use relative to shopping in centered on competitive pricing through search and third party applications. Smartphone users love to use their phones to check prices on the go to quickly ensure they are getting the best deal. This could mean good news for your eCommerce store as the mobile industry continues to grow.

When asked about the ways consumers are using their mobile phones for researching products and businesses online, surveyors responded as follows. Roughly one third of consumers use their phones for checking sales & specials, store information (hours, locations, map, etc), product ratings and reviews, and price comparison through 31% of consumers used their phone to browse online stores looking for products of interest while 24% did so with the intent of purchasing a product.

These figures tell us that currently the majority of mobile devices are being used by consumers to research a product or store rather than to make purchases. However, with 25% of consumers willing to purchase online we can definitely mark a major leap for mobile commerce. As the mobile web continues to develop and more stores expand their mobile presence, eTailers can expect to see a big rise in mobile visitors and sales.

Surveyors were also asked how they use their mobile phones for research while in a brick and mortar store. The results showed that the majority of consumers are using phones to access promotions, compare prices, read reviews, and interact with in-store marketing such as QR codes. This indicated the growing importance of social engagement on your website through customer reviews and interactive marketing.

Today’s shoppers are smarter than ever. They are knowledgeable about the products they want to buy and have the resources to ensure they get the best deal and the best service. In order to win the sale and the customer your business must be an integrated part of their online experience from start to finish. Social engagement has never been so important to eCommerce success, and the future shows no sign of that slowing down.

Ensure that your businesses is doing everything it can to connect with users by expanding your web presence, incorporating reviews into your site, leveraging promotions, and increasing social engagement through mobile and social selling on Facebook. It is important for consumers to see your  products/services and  from a variety of channels and to connect with them through reviews before they are fully comfortable making a purchase. This is where the value in a social and mobile presence for your business lies.

Let us know how your business is using mobile to interact with customers. Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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