Add Pinterest to your Social Funnel

Finally, your Facebook engagement is growing and your followers are expanding on Twitter.  Time to rest, not a chance! You need to add Pinterest to your social strategy to fill your funnel with qualified social commerce leads.  It is important to note that social networking sites are turning into the largest source of referral traffic for many online retailers.  Pinterest may be the key to your ability to maximize high levels of social brand awareness and purchase activity.

According to the recent infograph “Interest in Pinterest” posted by Mashable, Facebook is still leading with the highest percentage of revenue delivery from social media but Pinterest is closing fast. This is worth considering when you look at your social commerce funnel, especially if your business is related to clothing, cooking, and home goods.

Looking for additional hard facts to back up this new effort?  When you place the “Pin It” button onto your website and Facebook store you are placing your products in a social platform that is 10% more likely to refer buyers who will make a purchase, according to Social Commerce Today.  Who doesn’t want to increase referrals by 10%?

The combined power of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will create broad reach and dynamic opportunities for your clients and prospects to engage with you and your products. Facebook is a great place to engage with your fans and create a conversation around your products and services, Twitter can be a free-for-all for recommendations to customer support issues whereas Pinterest is the place to showcase the products with a quality picture.  Used together, closely monitored and armed with quality responses will lead to filling your social funnel with new opportunities.

Quit reading and get Pinning!

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