Create Link Magic with Your Facebook Store Banner

Social selling provides a platform to generate lasting fans and customers. You can accomplish this by not only creating a personality for your products and services but also offer exclusive deals for shopping inside of your Facebook store. By placing specific Facebook oriented coupons or promotion codes on your Facebook shop banner it gives your customers a reason to continuously check your page.

In most Facebook storefronts you may place either a coupon or promo code in the graphic banner above your Facebook shop products that creates a unique call to action for your fans and followers. It can direct them to use a promo code at checkout that is strictly for Facebook users, or it can direct them, via a URL, to a specific webpage for a printable coupon for use in a retail location.







If you’re wondering how you can make your banner linkable in ShopTab, it is located within the Customize tab in your admin site. Once there, you will scroll down to your banner image to the field that allows you to place a URL link. Once you click “Update” your banner will be hyperlinked to your designated webpage.






As a dynamic social marketer you need to create unique experiences for your fans that engage and reward so they will come back for more. The best news is that when you are successful most of the time they will tell their friends! Make your Facebook store a compelling social tool that allows your audience to spread the news about your content and products.

What are some new features you would like to see from ShopTab?

Visit to let us know your thoughts.

Or tweet us @shoptab


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Invisible Children Highlights Social Media and Facebook Commerce Efforts

There has been a viral sensation with the explosion of Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video this past month. This non-profit organization went from 444,461 likes in February to 3.1 million and growing today. Invisible Children is an organization that proves the power that people have with social media. It has taken one cause and made it a global phenomenon. ShopTab is proud to be their Facebook store provider and we got the chance to have an interview with Kitty Lee their Marketing/Media Assistant. This was an opportunity to get an insight into their social strategy as a non-profit and why using social media just makes sense.

The power of social media has been proven with your organization, with that in mind where do you see the organization going next?

“Our social media platforms have always been a way for us to get to know our supporters and for them to get to know us. It puts a face and personality to our organization, it bridges the gap, it makes us more connectible. We share information on our programs and the conflict, but we also post what we’re interested in, inspired by, what we are laughing at, etc. That is the personality of IC. It is very distinct and that won’t change. It’s also about creating a conversation and listening to your supporters. It’s an easy way for us to communicate with our supporter and our critics.”

Do you think Facebook commerce is something more non-profits should use?

“Yes, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. We live in a social world. It omits out a step; it makes it easier for the supporter/ consumer to find what they are looking for. It puts everything in one place. “

Did you expect this kind of response?

“The goal was to hit 500,000 views. So over 100 million- that’s beyond the dream. “

By leveraging Facebook have you reached a whole new demographic that you didn’t expect to reach?

“We’ve always had a pretty strong Facebook community. Our audience is between the ages of 16-24, which goes hand-in-hand with social media platforms. However, we are starting to see an older audience join in.”

Why did you decide to use a Facebook store?

“Since we utilize social media actively, it just made sense. If our supporters are on our Facebook and want to purchase some IC gear, it takes away a step of searching for our online store.”

For their Facebook store visit:!/invisiblechildren/app_189977524185

What has been the best part about this journey from conception until now?

“What’s happening right now is what IC has been working on for the past 8 years. KONY2012’s point was to deliver the facts of the situation and tell the world what exactly they can do to help stop him. This film, along with our supporters, made Joseph Kony famous and that is by far the coolest thing to see. “

Do you have any advice for non-profits that are trying to use social media to spread their message?

“Be present on social media and create a conversation, don’t just give updates. You are human and so are your supporters.”

A key component to take out of this interview is not only the importance to utilize social media as a non-profit but that Invisible Children has been working on this cause for over 8 years. It takes time and the right tools to engage a social audience, but once you figure that out you too can have a viral sensation.

How have you been leveraging your social media to create awareness for your non-profit or a cause that is important to you?

For more information on using a Facebook store as your non-profit website please take a look at our blog:


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ShopTab’s Checklist for your Facebook Timeline Conversion

Who likes checklist? Well at ShopTab we love checklists so we have created a short list to help you with your Timeline conversion. We have also created a slideshow to help you visually navigate the new features.

o Choose your page layout option with ShopTab – grid or horizontal. We will default if you don’t pick horizontal layout.

o Update your banner/header design 810 pixel width. We recommend the height of 110 pixels but you can go up to 500 pixels.

o Turn on the “Get Advice from Friends” button. You can change the text on the button and in the dialog box.

o Optional: Create a custom icon graphic for your store application 111 x 74.

o Make sure your “shop” is in the first four applications so it shows right below the cover image.

o Optional: Create a pin or highlight to feature or showcase a product.

[slideshare id=11993833&doc=timelinechecklist1-120313153327-phpapp01]


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Facebook Timeline Changes and your Facebook Store

Facebook announced yesterday that business and fan pages will now be converted to the “Timeline” lay out that was introduced to personal pages last year. We believe that this has the potential to be a great move for your organization and your Facebook store. Your business will be given until March 30th to convert to the new format.  Just a helpful tip, we don’t recommend you convert too soon. There are some early reports of bugs so give Facebook time to work out a few kinks in the new system. Currently we are working on making the move for our business page to the new timeline format and update our application. As things evolve over the next couple of weeks, we will post blogs updates that will hopefully answer any questions that may impact your business page or store.  

A few store highlights:

First, the current ShopTab application will work inside of the new Timeline format. We haven’t had a chance to optimize the ShopTab graphical layout but we’ve had a chance to test the core application features. Everything works so you won’t lose any of your social selling momentum if you convert in the near-feature. The only exception so far is the fan-gate or like-gate feature. From the webinars we’ve attended they have announced they will support this functionality, but many application providers are not able to make it work at this time. Additionally, while it wasn’t a ShopTab feature, the ability to make the store the default page for your Facebook page is gone too – this won’t come back. They want this new home page to be the default page at all times.


The most important part of the timeline will be your home page layout. The good news is that applications like ShopTab have a much higher profile on your page – just below the cover image on the right.  You want to make sure that your “Shop” application is visible on the top row and not hidden in the drop down button in this section. The apps section will allow some user flexibility with a new feature that allows you to customize your app image. We’ll provide a new default image to fit the new size but you can create your own.  In order to make sure your Shop app appears in the top row, you may click the edit Shop button which will allow you to control placement. We’ll update our FAQ’s with some step-by-step directions on how to do this in the next few days. We have been told you can have up to 12 applications on your business page but we have recently seen a site that has 29 applications.

While the effort on our own Facebook business page is in progress, we have started to work on our timeline layout along with ways to make the expanded width available to our store clients.  Given the 810 pixel width for the application page, an increase of almost 300 pixels, you should see improved layout options that can take advantage of the added space for the merchandising your products and services. 

Another helpful suggestion that we can offer is to move the application button that displays your “likes” to the second or third row. With the new timeline lay out anyone will be able to view the “Insights” engagement data for your page by clicking on your “like” button. It isn’t possible to eliminate this button but if you don’t want people to see your data you may want to place it so it isn’t so prominent on your page by moving down to the 2nd or 3rd row.

Facebook disclosed these changes to very few organizations prior to yesterday’s announcement so don’t get too stressed.  Like many changes from Facebook, we could see some modification in the coming days.  We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities with the new layout and expect to announce some new and exciting changes in the coming weeks. In the meantime to inspire your design ideas, here are a few links for companies that launched with the new timeline format:

Additionally, here is a link on Facebook Timeline Changes that may answer many technical questions that you have.

We look forward to keeping you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, post your question here or on our Facebook page and we’ll answer you with all that we know.

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Highlighting Your Products During The Holiday Season

One of the best ways to make conversions on your eCommerce store is to highlight select products you have for sale in alluring and eye-catching ways. Paired with promotions, these product specials can dramatically increase the value of your marketing efforts over the holidays.
facebook store apps, ShopTab, shopping cart storeThis week, ShopTab has broken down the best ways to put a spotlight on your featured products throughout the holiday season. Using the top three digital marketing resources at your disposal, social media, newsletters, and your website, we will show you how to leverage these tips to get the most out of your store.


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Preparing Your eCommerce Store For The Rush of Online Holiday Shopping

To some it may seem a bit early to start talking about, but the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how your business will prepare for the rush of online shoppers to ensure it gets a proper piece of the pie.

Over the next few weeks ShopTab will roll out a variety of articles focused around helping eCommerce stores improve their marketing and social shopping tactics in time for the holidays. Today we are highlighting some of the many things Etailers can do to optimize their websites and marketing efforts to help draw in extra customers and holiday revenue this season.

Establish Your Promotions and Featured Products

  • Take a fresh look at your shipping policies – consider free shipping or holiday discounts on orders over a certain dollar amount
  • Use special holiday offers to showcase particular products and increase purchases
  • Leverage social media in fun and unique ways to promote your store and ongoing promotions
  • Offer exclusive promotions to your Facebook and Twitter followers
  • Promote your Facebook store to increase traffic to your website and boost revenue

Start Adjusting Your Online Marketing Efforts

  • Remind customers the holidays are coming – spread some joy!
  • Focus your newsletters around holiday oriented deals and notifications
  • Optimize your website and blog’s keywords for holiday targeted themes and productsDon’t skimp on the PPC ad bids.
  • Everyone is facing increased rates for PPC bids during the holidays
  • Consider including gift wrapping and gift cards as an option to customers in the checkout process.
  • Go the extra mile – It’s the little extra services that can help make an impression and help keep your customers happy

Optimize Your Site For Holiday Conversions

  • Blog and discuss the holiday topics your fans are interested in talking about! This will help draw extra attention to your store through search and social.
  • Test, Test, Test! Analyze your website from a consumer perspective
  • Make sure your featured products are highlighted on your homepage in an attractive design
  • Ensure everything with your website is working correctly – No 404 error codes!
  • Most importantly, check that your shopping cart is working properly

Keep an eye out for more holiday related articles every week from our eCommerce blog and on our Facebook page. Comment or shout out on Facebook to let us know what you are doing to prepare for the holiday rush!

Image Source: The Digerati Life

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Effects of Mobile on eCommerce and Social Shopping

Last month we discussed a Social Shopping Study on eCommerce, Social Media, and Customer Reviews from the e-tailing group. Today we would like to take a look at the same study’s insight into the mobile impact on social shopping.

It is undeniable that social shopping and mobile are two of the largest and fastest growing segments of eCommerce and digital engagement today. It only makes sense that the two would find a way to converge and leverage the strengths of one another. So far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, but we anxiously anticipate what innovative developments are soon to be at our fingertips.

Their recent study surveyed 1,004 adults, with the majority falling between 35-44 years old with a nearly even split of men to women.

The survey found that 92% of users purchase products online at least once a month and that nearly 75% spend over $500 a year online. These figures indicate a strong rise in eCommerce over the last few years, but where does mobile come into the picture?

While the mobile commerce is still looking to define itself, the idea of purchasing products from a mobile device is becoming less foreign to smartphone users as the mobile web becomes heavily integrated into their everyday lives. In fact, Forrester predicts mobile commerce to grow to $31 Billion by 2016.

Currently consumers most frequently use their mobile devices for product research/reviews as well as interacting with in-store marketing such as QR codes. The overwhelming majority of mobile use relative to shopping in centered on competitive pricing through search and third party applications. Smartphone users love to use their phones to check prices on the go to quickly ensure they are getting the best deal. This could mean good news for your eCommerce store as the mobile industry continues to grow.

When asked about the ways consumers are using their mobile phones for researching products and businesses online, surveyors responded as follows. Roughly one third of consumers use their phones for checking sales & specials, store information (hours, locations, map, etc), product ratings and reviews, and price comparison through 31% of consumers used their phone to browse online stores looking for products of interest while 24% did so with the intent of purchasing a product.

These figures tell us that currently the majority of mobile devices are being used by consumers to research a product or store rather than to make purchases. However, with 25% of consumers willing to purchase online we can definitely mark a major leap for mobile commerce. As the mobile web continues to develop and more stores expand their mobile presence, eTailers can expect to see a big rise in mobile visitors and sales.

Surveyors were also asked how they use their mobile phones for research while in a brick and mortar store. The results showed that the majority of consumers are using phones to access promotions, compare prices, read reviews, and interact with in-store marketing such as QR codes. This indicated the growing importance of social engagement on your website through customer reviews and interactive marketing.

Today’s shoppers are smarter than ever. They are knowledgeable about the products they want to buy and have the resources to ensure they get the best deal and the best service. In order to win the sale and the customer your business must be an integrated part of their online experience from start to finish. Social engagement has never been so important to eCommerce success, and the future shows no sign of that slowing down.

Ensure that your businesses is doing everything it can to connect with users by expanding your web presence, incorporating reviews into your site, leveraging promotions, and increasing social engagement through mobile and social selling on Facebook. It is important for consumers to see your  products/services and  from a variety of channels and to connect with them through reviews before they are fully comfortable making a purchase. This is where the value in a social and mobile presence for your business lies.

Let us know how your business is using mobile to interact with customers. Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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10 Steps To Boost Your eCommerce Website’s Efficiency

Is your website living up to its full potential? Give your website a tune up with 10 easy tips to optimize your e-commerce website and improve customer engagement. These simple, but effective measures can help revitalize your sales figures and conversion rates for little to no cost.

10 tips ecommerce efficiency - guage - ShopTab

1. Make Your Website Inviting

Accommodate all users who are visiting your page whether they are ready to buy, or just checking out your store. Advertise your products in a way that is engaging and easy to use, but not overwhelming or too pushy for visitors who are not as far along through the purchase process. Take note of all the potential user types and try to accommodate them all equally.

2. Get Social

If your business is not utilizing social media, it is time to make the jump. Create and optimize your social media pages with clean and detailed information. Engage your fans with valuable posts and utilize innovate Facebook applications such as ShopTab to sell your products directly from your Facebook page. Link your pages with your website and use social buttons on your homepage to help direct traffic and increase user interaction.


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Social Shopping 2011 Study – eCommerce, Social Media, and Customer Reviews

New studies from the e-tailing group, with sponsorship from PowerReviews, have produced some interesting insight into how users are leveraging social shopping, social media, and review sites to shop smarter. As the eCommerce market continues to change and adapt to its surroundings it is important to stay current to best reach your customers in the most effective ways.

In this recent study 1,004 adults were surveyed, with the majority falling between 35-44 years old with a nearly even split of men to women.

Social Shopping Demographics - Age of Surveyers - ShopTab

Those surveyed were asked about their online shopping habits in great detail. It was found that 92% of users shop online for a product at least once a month. This indicated that eCommerce is on the rise as more and more people become more familiar and more comfortable with buying products online. In fact, online shopping has grown quite substantially from 2010.

Social Shopping Demographics - Online spending Habbits - ShopTab


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