Notification of an Order from Your Facebook Store App

There is nothing better for a merchant than receiving a notification of a sale!  So, what happens after the buyer selects a product in your Facebook store and completes the purchase either via credit, debit, PayPal or even for a Cash on Delivery order (COD)? We explain the complete order management process in this link but we want to specifically focus on the merchant notification in this post.

Integrated Cart
ShopTab’s integrated cart uses the PayPal gateway for credit card, debit card and PayPal payments. It is easy to set up (only takes an email address) and if you don’t have a PayPal account, it can be set up in minutes and immediately process orders.

As soon as an order has been completed, you will receive an email notice directly from PayPal, not ShopTab.  An example is noted below.

PayPal_Receipt_ExampleSince PayPal finalizes the receipt of the order AND captures all shipping information it made sense to use their notification system and leverage their features for the management of the order (cancellations, refunds, shipping information, taxes…). Log into PayPal and you can immediately manage the order. An example of the order detail is below.

Beatles order_Ink_LI

The buyer of your items will also receive a receipt immediately confirming their order.

Cash on Delivery (COD)
You will receive an email from ShopTab immediately upon the order’s completion.  The detail that you required from the buyer will be provide as well as all items they put in the shopping cart.


With COD, you should contact the buyer and arrange for the final payment and delivery of the item.

Notification of an order in both cases happens immediately.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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How to Create a Group Buy in your Facebook Store

The other day an article came out on Social Commerce Today discussing the power of a co-buy, which is just another way of saying a group buy or “Groupon.” After we got to thinking about it we realized that this was something that could be utilized inside a Facebook store. It just takes a little bit of effort on your end, some creative thinking, and you can create very own group buy.

Here is a simple way of starting a group buy. First, you need to decide on how many “likes” or “shares” you want to reach before you give away the offer. Once you have a number decided upon, start your promotion through social announcements. For example, “The first 20 to like our new body lotion will receive a coupon code for a free travel size with their purchase.” Or, “If you can get 10 of your friends to tell us why they love our new candles, you and your friends will get 30% off your entire purchase with an exclusive coupon code.” Now your offers don’t have to be that generous, we wanted to make sure you get the picture.

[slideshare id=13066280&doc=groupbuys-120524165504-phpapp01]

You can utilize the new function in ShopTab called “Featured Item” for an even bigger call to action to your fans. This time you can use other social channels like Twitter, and Pinterest. Ask your fans to tweet or pin the item a certain amount of times to receive something in return.

You can also have a Facebook store strictly for group buy items. Instead of having the “Buy Now” button you can have a “Group Buy” button to take them back to special landing pages on your website or checkout page.

Now it’s your turn to get creative, go forth and group buy.



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Add Pinterest to your Social Funnel

Finally, your Facebook engagement is growing and your followers are expanding on Twitter.  Time to rest, not a chance! You need to add Pinterest to your social strategy to fill your funnel with qualified social commerce leads.  It is important to note that social networking sites are turning into the largest source of referral traffic for many online retailers.  Pinterest may be the key to your ability to maximize high levels of social brand awareness and purchase activity.

According to the recent infograph “Interest in Pinterest” posted by Mashable, Facebook is still leading with the highest percentage of revenue delivery from social media but Pinterest is closing fast. This is worth considering when you look at your social commerce funnel, especially if your business is related to clothing, cooking, and home goods.

Looking for additional hard facts to back up this new effort?  When you place the “Pin It” button onto your website and Facebook store you are placing your products in a social platform that is 10% more likely to refer buyers who will make a purchase, according to Social Commerce Today.  Who doesn’t want to increase referrals by 10%?

The combined power of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will create broad reach and dynamic opportunities for your clients and prospects to engage with you and your products. Facebook is a great place to engage with your fans and create a conversation around your products and services, Twitter can be a free-for-all for recommendations to customer support issues whereas Pinterest is the place to showcase the products with a quality picture.  Used together, closely monitored and armed with quality responses will lead to filling your social funnel with new opportunities.

Quit reading and get Pinning!

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Improve your Facebook Shop with Great Calls to Action

Lately we have started to notice a number of clients using the traditional “Buy Now” button in creative ways. It got us to thinking that it is your button and you should have it say whatever you want. Most would agree that this button is your most dominant Call to Action (CTA) in your Facebook Store and many companies are seeing that Facebook is one of their biggest drivers of referral traffic.   The control of the “Buy Now” button is in your hands, so get creative!

Are you working with a non-profit organization and want to reach out to your fans on Facebook? The “Buy Now” button can become a “Donate Now” button. Or maybe it could be “Help a Vet” or something even more compelling.

Maybe you are hosting a seminar or a class and have created a killer Facebook page to promote it; now you just need to figure out how to get people to sign up. Simple, turn the “Buy Now” button into a “Register Now” or “Sign-ups are Limited” call to action.

Your Facebook store is fantastic extension of your eCommerce website because it’s where your fans are hanging out. But you may have a product that isn’t easy to sum up in the limited space inside of a Facebook page. You can turn the “Buy Now” button into “More Details” or a “Configure Now” button to drive your fans to your eCommerce product pages.

If you are wondering how you make changes to the text in a button or any phrase within your Facebook Shop it’s easy in ShopTab. Login to your admin and click on “Settings,” then you will see a “Translate” link. That will be your ticket to change not only the text for the “Buy Now” button but all the text on your Facebook store. The store application is under your complete control so make changes that are appropriate for your audience.

What are some creative ways that you think you can use your Facebook store for? Let us know we’d love to feature you.

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Engage in Social Psychology to impact Social Commerce!

Why do people engage with social networks?  What is the primary motivation behind the millions of new Facebook users every month? It is belonging! It is embedded in our human nature to belong to something. If you want to participate in social networks with your brand you need to understand social psychology. Once you can tap into this fountain of information then you can reap dramatic results.

To understand why someone is engaging with your brand or products in the first place allows you to cater to their emotions and trigger a desired reaction.  According to Wade Gerten, the founder and CEO of 8th Bridge, 90% of social commerce takes place because of friend to friend sharing. There has been a lot of focus lately on social intelligence which focuses on the six heuristics needs of the human being. It is important to learn how they can apply to your Facebook store and generate a ROI for your efforts. In order for your Facebook store to succeed you have to reach and promote to your biggest cheerleaders, your fans. They will highlight your products and sow the seeds of success throughout social networking sites.

One of the basic drivers for someone to want to buy a product is the act of belonging. If your product looks like it is something that a lot of people want then it is social proof that the product is valuable. How do you make your products look valuable? Simple, allow your fans to share your products. By placing sharing buttons around your products or services in your website and Facebook shop you are inviting them to display your items to their friends. You also want to encourage them to share their perspectives and input on your products and services. Sometimes all it takes is a simple call to action asking for feedback to create a selling reaction.

How many times have you been in a situation that you didn’t know what product to pick so you went with the one that you heard was recommended by a friend we think is smart or authority figure? I know I fall prey to it way too often. It is actually a brilliant ploy that marketers hone in on to fulfill your heuristic need of authority. This can translate to your social efforts as well when your fans recommend your products.

When we know that something is hard to find it somehow makes it more valuable to us, we want it before it is all gone. Think of the iPhone, how many people wait in line 24 hours before its release just so they can make sure they don’t run out. If you create the feeling of scarcity for your products then someone who was on the fence about an item will be more prone to whip out that credit card. Using ShopTab’s new feature, “Featured Item” you can showcase a product that is almost out of stock.  Or you can create “Last Call” items or “For a Limited Time Only” opportunities.

There is always that one person that you can think of that has something that you just have to have. It could be your best friend, a sibling, or even a celebrity. As a merchant you can tap into the psychology of liking by not only allowing your customers to share products they want, but if you know you have a product that was seen in a movie or within a movie star showcase it can become a “As seen…” item.

Do you have a brand that you just absolutely love; you know they’ll never let you down so you keep returning for more? Mine is Converse, it wouldn’t matter if the world was ending, I can always count on my Converse, so I keep buying more. If your brand remains true to its mission, creates and delivers ideal products for your customers they will return, most of the time with friends.

Lastly, you want to thank your fans for being your biggest advocates. Offer them something in return for making your brand successful. Give them an exclusive look at new products, send them something extra when they order over $100, give them free shipping around the holidays, just get creative! Most people like to reciprocate favors so you never know when you might be able to ask something in return.

What do you think about social psychology, do you think there is a trick to get your customers to engage with your products?

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Refine your Social Commerce strategy

We have reached the last leg of our journey through our Social Commerce whitepaper “Return on Facebook.” It has been a fun run folks and hopefully you have gained clarity for the strategy, planning and tactics needed along the way. You are equipped with the tools in your tool belt to step back and review your strategy and executed tactics and make adjustments as needed.  This isn’t an option; it is a requirement for selling on Facebook and your overall Social Commerce success.

As the last step in our social strategy document it is important to emphasize that it will never end, refining is a continuous cycle. Review will expose strategies that are working and tactics that resonate better than others.   Your social strategy is not set in stone, it is meant to evolve as your business evolves and as you learn what will work in social environments. It is very important to review detailed feedback gained from your fans that should be added back into your plan. Remember, you are creating a community centered on people and your products and services are only one element of who you are. Adjusting your approach to the ever changing needs of people will be important to be relevant for them socially and ultimately to drive commerce.

As we look back on the previous blog posts let’s remember the key take away points:

           First off you want to develop a social commerce strategy, this is a must. It determines the position you will take in your field as well as determine the value you will offer your customers.

          Then we move onto the things you don’t want to do to grow your audience. The number one mood killer is not posting interesting content for your fans.

          Let’s not forget the post on putting the cart before the horse, tactics usually are the most exciting part of the social strategy but you can’t abandon the backbone of the mission by starting with tactics.

          For all your hard work and effort you want to make sure measurements are in place. This provides not only a pat on the back for yourself but proof to show others.

          Finally we have reached the end but at the same time is the beginning. Refining your social strategy will be an ongoing process; it will start some of the best brainstorming sessions and will make you feel like nothing you do is working. You will have your moment in the sun.

Parting is such sweet sorrow but we will back next week with more intriguing information for your social efforts so be sure to follow us here and on all our other social network sites.




What has been your favorite part of developing your social strategy? Sound off in the comment section below we’d love to hear from you.

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Simple Management of Multiple Facebook Shops


Are you inside of a company, social marketing firm or agency and tired of the daily hassle of managing multiple Facebook stores? Common complaints we hear from clients who manage a number of stores stem from various logins, different feature package offerings and hard to implement performance tracking and measurement systems.  ShopTab has recently enhanced our Multi-User option that allows you to manage up to hundreds of stores from a single dashboard.

Just like with your traditional e-commerce website, there are real-time demands for product updates, merchandising changes, promotion implementations and product traffic campaigns to manage with your Facebook stores.  Your Facebook stores are a key channel element that requires synchronization with these marketing activities and in many cases may be the leaders in the delivery of the message in social networks. Having a powerful tool to assist in the timely coordination across multiple Facebook store updates can be paramount to your social selling success.

The ShopTab Multi-User option allows you to manage scores of stores from single dashboard screen.  Benefits of managing the stores from the dashboard are:

      Quick view of all stores

      Ability to create new stores, deactivate or reactivate old stores

      Complete store product synchronization controls

       Full design and store page layout options

       Language translation and currency management access

       Billing option management and notification settings

[slideshare id=12871498&doc=multi-userslideshow1-120509175418-phpapp02] Do you manage more than one Facebook shop? If yes, what is your biggest challenge?

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Ring the bell with your Social Commerce efforts

After careful consideration you decided to start a Facebook store. You’ve followed all the installation steps and are now deploying some social tactics, but how do you know that all your efforts will pay off? Is there a secret place in Facebook that hides all the answers or will you just know by osmosis that you are getting a return on your efforts? Before you move forward you need to decide what is important to measure!

As we’ve been discussing throughout our series on Social Commerce Strategy, you must implement clear objectives to measure your progress against your business goals.  Your work in the first step of the plan created valuable business objectives that will help to grow quickly.  One easy way to start measuring your efforts against these objectives is to deploy Google Analytics.  Google Analytics allows you to see overall patterns from your website visitors and changes in referral traffic from your social networks.  It will also allow you to associate tracking information to your product listings in your Facebook store, which will allow you to analyze how many sales conversions you are making on your products or services.

Additionally, you can use Facebook Insights, which is just a click away from giving you valuable information about your Facebook page and posts. When you are signed into your Facebook fan page as an administrator you will click on a button in the top right corner that says “Admin Panel.” This takes you to the wonderful world of Facebook Insights. You can find a treasure trove of information ranging from sources of traffic, gender, geography, and so on. Watch these areas for key engagement metrics on the impact of your content with your fans. Using this information will help you to understand what engages your customers and what products and services that they are most interested in hearing about.

In case you missed them here are the three previous blog posts in this series:

Get your Social Commerce Strategy Right for Tweet Sake

The Five Best Ways to Kill the Audience for your Facebook Shop

Six Tactics Guaranteed to Grow the Fans for your Facebook Store

Be sure to check out our whitepaper “Return on Facebook” for more in depth information on developing your social commerce strategy.

Measuring your success is a critical element of any quality marketing plan. With Facebook and ShopTab it is very easy to deploy measurement systems and this will allow you to make quick adjustments that can impact your bottom line.  How do you measure your social success?

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Six Tactics Guaranteed to Grow the Fans for your Facebook Store

Got ya! You saw six tactics and “BAM” you were sold. Don’t worry we will give you the six tactics, but we think most people quickly jump to tactics to fix things, instead of creating a strategy to drive their activities. We believe you should consider building an overall social strategy so that these tactics will have more value to your business.

In the first post in this series on Social Commerce Strategy, you set your strategy and determined your objectives. In the second post we figured out a number of ways to grow your audience but now you need to know how to keep them interested and active. We’ve seen many marketers rush the first two steps by moving to step three too quickly.  This can just be a waste of time if the planning hasn’t been given its due.  Putting the cart before the horse doesn’t work for the cart or for social marketing!

Here are six tactics as promised! To see more than these six tactics visit our social commerce strategy white paper “Return on Facebook” for over 20 stellar tactics for your Facebook shop as well as links to other websites for more tactics.

          Ask follower to post on your wall/home page and provide a free sample of a product for the most creative post.

          You don’t have to put all of your products into your Facebook shop. If you have a fully functioning website then use this as an opportunity to promote “on sale” items only available to fans by creating a special category for your store or even have it as the only category.

          If you have a Pinterest account, encourage your fans to post images onto your shared board.

          Create a “Featured” page that only has unique products or price specials available to your fans.

          Create packaged offerings (put two products together at a discounted price) that only are available to your fans.

          Introduce products on Facebook first, offer a special deal for these early users. Create urgency by defining a short time period for the offer.

[slideshare id=12272700&doc=socialstratpp21-120403143104-phpapp02]

Below are the first two articles in this series:

Building your Social Strategy
Building your Social Audience

What are some tactics you’ve used to promote fan engagement on your Facebook page?

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The Five Best Ways to Kill the Audience for your Facebook Shop


You login to your Facebook fan account to see what kind of interaction happened when you were offline and you see that there are no new fans. In fact, you’ve lost a few!  For anyone that is new to social marketing it becomes an addiction to watch the growth of your Facebook fan base. If you are like me, it can be a roller coaster ride that you just want to get off of because of the daily ups and downs.

Last week on this blog we launched part one of our five week adventure through the whitepaper “Return on Facebook,” a social commerce strategy document for your Facebook shop. We asked you to answer three important questions with one of them being – “Do you have a written social marketing strategy?”  Once you have completed this strategy you’ll need to immediately start the process of growing the audience to your Facebook fan page.

Our strategy document provides numerous ways to grow your audience.  Instead of summarizing those in this post, we are going to talk about five things you shouldn’t do:

1.       YOU’RE NOT POSTING INTERESTING CONTENT. People want to like you. They don’t start out thinking “I’m just not going to like them at all.” By giving them interesting, compelling and fun content centered on your company and brand it reaffirms their like, or shall we say, love for you.

2.       YOU DON’T RESPOND.  You break the cardinal rule of social and don’t respond to someone’s attempt at reaching out to you. That’s like showing up to the party 10 hours late, everyone has already gone home and they are no longer interested in what you have to say. If you start a discussion with a post you should be available to respond in a reasonable period of time.

3.       ALL YOU DO IS PROMOTE AND SELL YOUR PRODUCTS.  Even though you are trying to grow a fan base to create overall engagement for your Facebook store you don’t want to bombard people with BUY, BUY, BUY! See what I did there? I said BUY three times in all caps, practically yelling at you to buy and it was pretty annoying. You’ve been to that networking event where that one person tries to sell everyone in the room and everyone does their best to stay away from him.

4.       YOU’RE A NARCISSIST.  You only post your own content. Don’t suffer from the narcissistic syndrome of thinking your content is all people want. People like variety, context, perspective on your market and you are a vehicle for helping to educate them.  

5.       NO OWNERSHIP.  Last but not least, your social media is being controlled by someone who knows social media but nothing about your company, your values, your perspective or brand promise. This can be very detrimental to your social media efforts as well as a misrepresentation of what your organization is all about. This is like using trade show models to staff your show booth – they make create a short-term attraction but they aren’t going to provide a meaningful engagement with a client or prospect.

Take a look below for a few tactics to help grow and engage your audience.

 [slideshare id=12272731&doc=shoptabssocialstrategyslideshow1-120403143434-phpapp02]

Follow us for the next installment of your social marketing plan, social commerce tactics. We’ll turn the planning and audience growth into the most successful tactics to drive your sales. Download our complete Social Commerce Strategy document if you would like to review all steps in the process.

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