Trends in Social Commerce Today That May Have A Big Effect On Tomorrow

Social Commerce Shopping - Facebook Shopping Cart - ShopTabSocial commerce has taken the world by storm in the recent months. While this is certainly a new frontier for businesses to explore, know that you are not alone. This has been something in the works behind the scenes for a few years now and has just started to take off. Right now we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg that will one day grow to change eCommerce as we know it. To help get your feet on the ground we wanted to share with you some current trends in social commerce that are sure to give you a leg up on your competition.

Social Shopping

Thanks to Facebook’s Social Graph, shopping is becoming a much more personalized experience. Today when you go to your favorite store to purchase some new products you may not see the same products everyone else sees. Instead, you may see products that are specific to your interests based on your recent purchases, your Likes on Facebook, and the activity of your friends. Levi was the first to introduce this new form of social shopping a few years ago, but it is spreading like wildfire. Your interaction with brands is no longer a one sided event. In this new world of social shopping almost everything you do can now enhance your experience.

By installing Facebook Connect on your website as a alternative login for customers is not only creates an easy way of logging into the website, but can enhance the users experience with personalized recommendations by gathering information on the user from their activity on Facebook.


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