Quick Start Guide for your Facebook Store

Quick Start GuideYou’ve just completed the set-up for your Facebook Shop and want to show some immediate impact for your efforts.  Many clients reach out to us to ask what they should do to realize the value from the new commerce app on their Facebook fan page.  While we encourage our clients to incorporate social selling activities into their overall marketing plan, we understand the desire for some quick tactics to see near-term success.

While each client and their products are unique, we have seen successful launches with thousands of retailers that have used the ShopTab store or our SharedDeal social deal app.  We’ve outline our thoughts for how to integrated commerce posts into your Facebook fan page activities.

Some key concepts to understand before we start.

  • You can’t just sell, sell, sell.  Retailers in Facebook need to remember the 80/20 rule.  You must be social, helpful and share information 80% of the time, while the selling/promotional content for your page should make-up only 20% of the time, as noted recently by Mike Gingrich on building a sales funnel in Facebook.
  • Research shows your fans are spending their time in their news feed and on user profiles, and not as much time inside of fan pages. This is especially true for Facebook mobile app users.  However, according to SociallyStacked, 33% of people have made purchases because of a product they have seen on a Facebook wall or news feed.  To be successful, we need to engage where our fans are spending their time.

Fast Start Promote        Fast Start Tweet

We’re going to assume that you are currently posting on your page once a day. The suggested tactics below should be woven into your planned social activities.

  Activity Approach Post Example Actions
Day 1 Introductory offer Provide a reduced price on a high volume product or a bundled price on two hot sellers. Provide a limited volume of units or period of time to purchase. We’ve combined our two hottest sellers for $19.95 (save $10) for our Facebook fans only. We only have 15 of these in stock. Click here to see the offer in our new Facebook Store.
  • Use ShopTab’s promote button to push the product to your news feed. Articulate your offer clearly.
  • Use the tweet button in the FB store listing to promote to your Twitter followers.
Day 3 Reminder of introductory offer Remind your fans of the limited quantity and/or purchase period. Our Facebook fans only offer of our two hot sellers for $19.95 ends tonight at 6pm ET or when we sell our last two in stock!
  • Use the promote feature to remind FB users
  • Use the tweet button.


Day 6 Announce a new product Add a product to your store. Ask your clients to provide some feedback on it or answer a question. Just in to our store, would you like this dress in yellow or blue?
  • Use the promote button in the product listing to announce the question.
  • Pin the image from the store
Day 8 Did you know? Post an interesting fact about one of your products or services, We caught George Clooney wearing this t-shirt last week. We have three left in our Facebook Store, who wants one?
  • Post a picture in Facebook and grab the URL to the product from the promote button to add to the posting.
  • Tweet using the product URL
Day 11 Client product testimonial Post a recent comment made by a client about one of your products, Add your comment to it as well. From Tim in Sacramento yesterday, “This costume was the hit of the party.” Wish we could have been there!
  • Either use the promote button or post a photo and grab the link from the promote dialog box.
  • Tweet it
  • Pin it
Day 14 Create a Facebook fans only offer for free shipping Let your fans know you appreciate the opportunity to engage with them. Create a free shipping for FB fans only. Only our FB fans can buy this necklace for $50.00 and free shipping until Saturday at midnight!
  • Use the promote button to push the announcement.
  • Tweet the offer

As you can see, the goal is to create engaging ways to talk about your products in a way that engages your fans to like, share and even buy.  These six example posts will start to build awareness for your store and your product. While these types of activities will take some time, we have many clients that experience sales from their Facebook Shop within minutes of their first promotion. Let us know what you think of these ideas or ones that have worked for you.

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Ring the bell with your Social Commerce efforts

After careful consideration you decided to start a Facebook store. You’ve followed all the installation steps and are now deploying some social tactics, but how do you know that all your efforts will pay off? Is there a secret place in Facebook that hides all the answers or will you just know by osmosis that you are getting a return on your efforts? Before you move forward you need to decide what is important to measure!

As we’ve been discussing throughout our series on Social Commerce Strategy, you must implement clear objectives to measure your progress against your business goals.  Your work in the first step of the plan created valuable business objectives that will help to grow quickly.  One easy way to start measuring your efforts against these objectives is to deploy Google Analytics.  Google Analytics allows you to see overall patterns from your website visitors and changes in referral traffic from your social networks.  It will also allow you to associate tracking information to your product listings in your Facebook store, which will allow you to analyze how many sales conversions you are making on your products or services.

Additionally, you can use Facebook Insights, which is just a click away from giving you valuable information about your Facebook page and posts. When you are signed into your Facebook fan page as an administrator you will click on a button in the top right corner that says “Admin Panel.” This takes you to the wonderful world of Facebook Insights. You can find a treasure trove of information ranging from sources of traffic, gender, geography, and so on. Watch these areas for key engagement metrics on the impact of your content with your fans. Using this information will help you to understand what engages your customers and what products and services that they are most interested in hearing about.

In case you missed them here are the three previous blog posts in this series:

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Be sure to check out our whitepaper “Return on Facebook” for more in depth information on developing your social commerce strategy.

Measuring your success is a critical element of any quality marketing plan. With Facebook and ShopTab it is very easy to deploy measurement systems and this will allow you to make quick adjustments that can impact your bottom line.  How do you measure your social success?

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Facebook Store Simplifies Selling with Free PayPal Checkout from TinyPay

NOTE: On 5/5/12 ShopTab Released a Fully Integrated Facebook Store Solution with PayPal Checkout.

Getting started with a new business in today’s digital world is no easy task. When deciding on where and how they will sell their products and services, an entrepreneurs’ head can spin getting lost in the storm of marketing options, website set-up, payment systems, inventory management and social media.  In many cases, new merchants to selling online bypass traditional options like a website or established marketplace outlets like Ebay, Amazon or Etsy by starting their commerce strategy with a Facebook Shop. We see evidence of this strategy in action every day for many small retailers and for new retailers in emerging economies who don’t have the historical investment or experience in managing these traditional approaches.

Start Board Game ShopTab

We like to call these emerging online retailers “micro-merchants” since they are typically new to online selling and are testing to see if they can create a viable channel for their products.  A social network like Facebook is a fertile starting point when you have interested fans and followers on your business page.  While ShopTab has traditionally optimized our delivery of Facebook selling by connecting to existing website stores or marketplaces, we recognize that creating a simple to deploy and fully integrated payments option is critical for these types of merchants.  One of the solutions that have demonstrated great results for our micro-merchant clients is TinyPay.me. We had a number of clients create a store in a matter of minutes for the recent holiday season putting them in business for the first on their Facebook page for this critical selling season.


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Create a Facebook Shop with your Amazon Products

Amazon Store Logo ShopTabIn today’s world Amazon is known as the powerhouse of online shopping. With its modest beginnings in bookselling back in 1994, Amazon has come a long way to develop into the world’s largest eCommerce platform with $34 billion dollars in annual revenue and over 137 million customers a week. It has even been estimated that Amazon makes up 1/10 of North American online sales. With impressive figures like that it makes sense that the Amazon Marketplace would be a great place for many retailers to set up shop.

Amazon makes it easy to set up a storefront and start selling within their marketplace. ShopTab makes it just as easy to amplify your e-commerce success through social selling by adding a shopping experience on your Facebook page.  With a few simple steps you can be up and running with your products visible to millions of users on Facebook.


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