Why Use PayPal’s Gateway with your Facebook Shop

Lillians-product-pageWe receive questions each week asking us why we use the PayPal payment gateway to process all credit, debit, bank invoice and PayPal payments in our Facebook Store application.   We recognize that there are hundreds of payment processor options that may be available for our clients across the globe. This made our selection very challenging.  Ultimately, we focused our offering to make it simple for our sellers, allow them to process the largest volume of sales and to have success selling as quickly as possible with their Facebook shop.

Below we have outlined why we think the Facebook Shop with the PayPal payment gateway is the best solution that we can provide to our clients.

  • Security – after detailed analysis we felt the ability for PayPal to store the payment information in their vault provided the highest level of security for our clients in the event of a hacker. Many competitive solutions store the information within the app providers’ servers – higher risk in event of a hacking incident.
  • Process the most sales – external research and our own testing and experience demonstrate that use of the credit/debit/PayPal combination can raise the average sales per store per month from 5 to 15%.
  • Easy of start-up – all you need to begin processing payments in your store is the email address you use to log into your PayPal account. The start-up process is simple, quick and secure. This is significantly easier than integrating other payment gateways.
  • Highest approval levels for sellers – for our sellers PayPal has a simple application and approval process making it easy for our sellers to begin selling.
  • Quick access to money – sellers have access to their payments within PayPal immediately and within a day or two if they transfer the funds to a bank account. Some competitive processors take days or even up to a week to provide funds to the seller.

Success for our sellers is defined by a quality experience and increased sales. The PayPal gateway provides a great solution for our sellers and their buyers to enhance the benefits and features of the ShopTab social commerce application.

It is important to note that ShopTab can integrate with external websites and market places via our Facebook Shop e-commerce URL integration and also can set up the Facebook shop as a Cash on Delivery (no processed payment) store.


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ShopTab using PayPal’s Gateway Set-Up

We recently read this blog post about the value of using PayPal or Stripe and it provided a great comparison – https://hostingfacts.com/paypal-vs-stripe-payment-solution-best-website/.




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ShopTab Powers their Facebook Shop with PayPal Partnership

PayPal Partner

ShopTab recently formalized a partnership with PayPal to bring the power of their payments platform to their clients with their new PayPal Facebook Shop. With the goal of providing a comprehensive commerce solution for Facebook store retailers throughout the world, the PayPal Payments platform using the PayPal Express Checkout application program interface (API) was a logical choice given their broad international coverage and support of PayPal and credit card payments in over 190 countries.

This partnership will provide unique opportunities for feature enhancements for clients that want a dedicated store within their Facebook page.  Highlights of the recently announced PayPal Facebook Store feature set highlights a functional cart, inventory tracking, product variation support, shipping options, tax support and a simplified set-up process.  Additionally, this option provides support for 24 currencies and application localization options in over 70 countries.

PayPal Cart

New retailers can start selling inside of Facebook within minutes.  Specific PayPal language support has been deployed for English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Thai, Russian and Chinese along with full application translation options.  ShopTab provides both video and FAQ implementation support for these new features.

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Enhance Your Facebook Shop with an Integrated Cart

ShopTab recently updated our Facebook Store application to support a fully integrated cart option with PayPal’s Express Checkout software.  This update includes enhancements for client purchase options, inventory management and shipping options. Merchants looking for a full turn-key Facebook Store will be impressed by the increase in functionality while using the simplicity of the PayPal platform to appeal to the hundreds of millions of existing PayPal users.

The ability to move from the popular “Buy Now” buttons to the “Add to Cart” feature will be a big boost to driving purchases of multiple products. This basket functionality supports all PayPal currencies (29 currently) and a large list of languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and many others. We’ll be adding many new languages over the coming few weeks. This system will accept PayPal payments as well as major credit cards that are appropriate in the store owner’s country of origin.

PayPal Pop Up Cart
(Checkout Example)

The ability to control inventory levels within your store is a desired by many clients.  ShopTab offers the ability to communicate your inventory levels and to manage what products appear in your store application based upon what is in stock.  The inventory settings feature provides for designation of stock levels by product variations such as colors, sizes or combinations of factors for each product.

Stock showing
(Example of stock showing in Facebook Store listing)

PayPal offers domestic and international configuration shipping options within each client’s profile based upon their home country. ShopTab leverages these options to provide a fixed shipping cost per item or to use a weight-based option.  The retailer can determine which option makes the most sense for them on a product by product basis.   If the shipping charges aren’t applied in ShopTab’s product listing the checkout system will default to the existing PayPal shipping configuration.

ShopTab Configuration
(ShopTab configuration option)

Existing clients that used the Buy Now buttons have been migrated to the cart functionality. Details on suggested recommendations have been provided to optimize the store.

For those looking for a Facebook Shop solution, give our FREE 7 day trial a try and get your PayPal Facebook store started today!  Full details on these updates and how to set up the application can be found on our PayPal Facebook Store FAQ.

You can also use our installation video to help with your PayPal Express Checkout set-up.

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Giro Creates Social Exclusivity and Activation with ShopTab

With the recent emergence of the social consumer, expectations for engagement around products and services across social media have increased. Research shows that active social users are looking for brands that connect with them emotionally. Turning this emotional connection into a buying experience is a very unique challenge for most retailers.  Moontoast’s co-founder Marcus Whitney, puts it best when he describes it as “social activation,” a process that engages the consumer on social networks through the entire purchase process.

The two psychology principles of exclusivity and scarcity are important elements to leverage when connecting social fans with your brand.  It’s one thing to talk about “social activation” but when our clients embrace the tenants of social activation to a level that demonstrate best practice examples for all social marketers it is really exciting! Recently, Giro, an Easton-Bell Sports brand, worked with ShopTab to create an application to support their dedicated social marketing program that highlights the impact of this approach.

Giro's Fan Page

We were fortunate enough to speak with Stacey Peterson, Digital Commerce and Content Manager, at Easton-Bell Sports, about their strategy for developing this marketing program, application, and their overall experience with their fans.

Giro's Deal Store

What are your goals for social media as it relates to your overall marketing?

Through social media we can connect, engage and interact with our consumers in a real-time manner as well as involve our fans.

Recently you worked with ShopTab to create a custom application, what were you trying to accomplish with this app?

We chose ShopTab because we were looking to integrate a storefront on Facebook to link up with PayPal, which would allow us to extend our First Friday 50 marketing promotion to our fans. We came to ShopTab with an idea on how we wanted to tell the story of our limited edition products and they were extremely helpful in creating a great user experience.

The First Friday 50 program provides Giro fans a chance to buy limited-edition products directly from Giro. The items will be available on the First Friday of each month, with 50 pieces of each exclusive design available through the Giro Sport Design’s fanpage on Facebook with a first-come, first-served basis. By connecting with PayPal for payments, we were able to open the store up to our International fans.

This fan-based deal store was launched in early January, how did it go?  Did it meet your expectations?

Yes, ShopTab was extremely helpful in accommodating our needs, our desire to allow our fans to share socially. We were also able to gain likes, and emails address to best reach out to our newly added fans from the appeal of being able to purchase something truly unique.  Even more interesting, we sold out of our first 50 pieces in 26 hours, which was a fantastic outcome.

Did you learn anything that surprised you with the launch?

The biggest addition to our original requirements was the integration of PayPal and inventory management. Since this program centers on the fact that there are only 50 pieces, over selling our inventory was not an option.

What did you find worked best for the promotion of the fan-based deal store?

What worked best was promoting the program through social and email channels and by properly telling the story of the exclusivity of the program and products.

Do you have any other comments about working with ShopTab to deliver this application?

ShopTab has been incredibly accommodating in helping create a custom storefront that would meet our requirement and objectives.


For more information behind the release of the Giro First Friday 50, you can read more information through their press release.

A few days ago we talked about creating a daily deal store with ShopTab’s Facebook store application. What if I told you that you would be able to work with some of the new features that were created from our work with the team at Easton-Bell Sports?  Soon you will be able to do just that! We’re working to turn a number of these features (inventory control, countdown clock, multiple images, unique single product page and others) into a product option called SharedDealTM that can be activated within ShopTab’s Ultimate Plan. Look for a future blog post on how you can take advantage of this opportunity.




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ShopTab’s Facebook Store Releases Option for Cash Transactions

Social Commerce typically implies online commerce. However, this doesn’t work for all merchants, products or worldwide economies.  Consider that you may be a merchant that creates custom items for your clients so a Facebook store with a Buy Now button with PayPal Checkout won’t work well for you. You would rather contact them first to find out what they would like you to make then bill them for your work. Or you’re a merchant in a country where cash is still the dominant commerce option and your clients don’t have credit cards or PayPal accounts. How do you participate in the amazing marketing and revenue opportunity offered by Social Commerce? Until today, you couldn’t very easily. That changed today with ShopTab’s new Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

Instead of taking payments through PayPal or directing your customers back to an e-commerce website, you can set up a solution for your clients to engage with your products via the valuable social tools such as a (Like, Share, Tweet & Pin) AND let them tell you what they want before they make a purchase. Once your customers click on the COD button located on your Facebook store they will be taken to a COD form page. This form provides them the opportunity to outline the products that they intend to buy via cash upon your delivery.  You have the opportunity to immediately contact them and complete the details for finalizing the purchase.

[slideshare id=13531235&doc=codfeature-120703150252-phpapp01]

The COD form is fully translatable into any language as well as customizable. Once the customer completes the form you will receive an e-mail that lets you know someone has submitted a COD form. The order information will also be displayed in your Sales Report that can be found under your COD tab in your ShopTab admin. It will provide details for the desired product as well as all contact and delivery information for you to complete the transaction.


Once the COD form is submitted by the customer they will receive a confirmation e-mail that lets them know their order has been received and will be contacted in regards to payment and delivery. They will also be provided with your contact information should they ever need to get in touch with you.

This feature is available in all store subscription options from ShopTab.  For a full technical document on how to set up the COD option for your Facebook shop please visit our support page for COD Installation and Application. 

One of our early users is the Garden Crate. They custom build each garden for their clients. An online checkout option, like PayPal or a website, didn’t make sense for them since they need to discuss the unique color, sizing requirements, and delivery needs prior to finalizing the order.

“We love Shoptab! The ability to easily add this to our Facebook page and create a Cash on Delivery purchase is perfect for us since our orders are highly customized and local, plus, we need to  work with our clients on the appropriate delivery or pick-up option. Shoptab is a easy and cost effective way to get business from Facebook consumers.” - Dean M. Owner of The Garden Crate

Selling online doesn’t always mean finishing the sale with a credit card or PayPal payment. Can you think of instances where this can help merchants that typically can’t sell online but could use the Facebook store to increase the engagement with their clients?

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Top 5 Ways to Merchandise your Facebook Store


Are you showcasing your products the best way possible, or at least think you are? A Facebook store is a lot like an eCommerce site so when it comes down to highlighting and merchandising your products there are a few rules of the road we suggest to increase your sales.

1) Make sure you have turned on your social buttons. You are on a social network for crying out loud so allow your fans to share your products! Encourage them to share or tweet about your products.

2) Choose the best layout for your products. Your website or Facebook store’s job is to make sure your products look the best they possibly can. For some ShopTab stores that may be a timeline grid layout, for others a timeline stacked layout. Greg Beldam from Shopify.com in an interview with Mashable states, that it is best to use features that “complement and balance the product.”

3) One of the most important parts of your store is your imagery, this is the visual snapshot for your customers to determine if they like or love your products. With your Facebook shop the one image that is displayed in your store has to make a statement. Hint: you want to double check that you are actually pulling an image before you’re done editing your product. We have recently released a new feature that allows the user to hover over your image and it becomes larger, keep this in mind especially for the image size upload. Now that the images can appear larger you have a chance to get creative with your imagery. For example, you can create a picture that has multiple shots of your product.



4) We have talked in the past about using your Buy Now button for different calls to action for your fans. Nothing is worse than having someone click on a link and it sends them either nowhere or to the wrong place. Check your URL’s to make sure you are sending your customers to the correct place. Also think about changing the coloring of your call to action buttons, according to Beldam “Make call-to-action buttons stand out by being bright and colorful.”

5) Lastly you want to make a lasting impression with your images while leaving them wanting more with your product description. For ShopTab clients that have an existing eCommerce site the product description can continue on to their website after 400 characters for the timeline grid layout and 500 characters for the timeline stacked layout. But if you are using PayPal for payments then you don’t really have a place for your customers to go when your product description ends. Also, follow some words of wisdom from Beldam and create a hierarchy for the information that is most important, sometimes less is more.

This simple checklist will help you to optimize your selling opportunities. We look forward to hearing what you think so let us know if you have any ideas that we should add.


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