ShopTab eCommerce Cart of the Week – ozEcommerce

There are so many online shopping cart options for todayís entrepreneurs and business owners to choose from. ShopTab features reviews of popular and recommended online shopping carts, interviewing the featured cartís developer, to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

ShopTab recently had the privilage of interviewing founder and Project Director of ozEwords, Kym Romanets. Romanets founded ozEworks in 2004. It is based in New York with offices in the Ukraine.

ozEcommercer Logo - ShopTab

ozEcommerce was first released in 2006.† The system was a recently renovated to create ozEcommerce Pro during a complete rebuild last year in 2010. Today, Product Management is a joint responsibility between Romanets and her Technical Manager, Sergey Kharchishin.


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