Simple Management of Multiple Facebook Shops


Are you inside of a company, social marketing firm or agency and tired of the daily hassle of managing multiple Facebook stores? Common complaints we hear from clients who manage a number of stores stem from various logins, different feature package offerings and hard to implement performance tracking and measurement systems.  ShopTab has recently enhanced our Multi-User option that allows you to manage up to hundreds of stores from a single dashboard.

Just like with your traditional e-commerce website, there are real-time demands for product updates, merchandising changes, promotion implementations and product traffic campaigns to manage with your Facebook stores.  Your Facebook stores are a key channel element that requires synchronization with these marketing activities and in many cases may be the leaders in the delivery of the message in social networks. Having a powerful tool to assist in the timely coordination across multiple Facebook store updates can be paramount to your social selling success.

The ShopTab Multi-User option allows you to manage scores of stores from single dashboard screen.  Benefits of managing the stores from the dashboard are:

      Quick view of all stores

      Ability to create new stores, deactivate or reactivate old stores

      Complete store product synchronization controls

       Full design and store page layout options

       Language translation and currency management access

       Billing option management and notification settings

[slideshare id=12871498&doc=multi-userslideshow1-120509175418-phpapp02] Do you manage more than one Facebook shop? If yes, what is your biggest challenge?

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