10 Steps To Boost Your eCommerce Website’s Efficiency

Is your website living up to its full potential? Give your website a tune up with 10 easy tips to optimize your e-commerce website and improve customer engagement. These simple, but effective measures can help revitalize your sales figures and conversion rates for little to no cost.

10 tips ecommerce efficiency - guage - ShopTab

1. Make Your Website Inviting

Accommodate all users who are visiting your page whether they are ready to buy, or just checking out your store. Advertise your products in a way that is engaging and easy to use, but not overwhelming or too pushy for visitors who are not as far along through the purchase process. Take note of all the potential user types and try to accommodate them all equally.

2. Get Social

If your business is not utilizing social media, it is time to make the jump. Create and optimize your social media pages with clean and detailed information. Engage your fans with valuable posts and utilize innovate Facebook applications such as ShopTab to sell your products directly from your Facebook page. Link your pages with your website and use social buttons on your homepage to help direct traffic and increase user interaction.


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Social Shopping 2011 Study – eCommerce, Social Media, and Customer Reviews

New studies from the e-tailing group, with sponsorship from PowerReviews, have produced some interesting insight into how users are leveraging social shopping, social media, and review sites to shop smarter. As the eCommerce market continues to change and adapt to its surroundings it is important to stay current to best reach your customers in the most effective ways.

In this recent study 1,004 adults were surveyed, with the majority falling between 35-44 years old with a nearly even split of men to women.

Social Shopping Demographics - Age of Surveyers - ShopTab

Those surveyed were asked about their online shopping habits in great detail. It was found that 92% of users shop online for a product at least once a month. This indicated that eCommerce is on the rise as more and more people become more familiar and more comfortable with buying products online. In fact, online shopping has grown quite substantially from 2010.

Social Shopping Demographics - Online spending Habbits - ShopTab


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Social Customer Service: Increases In Consumers Using Social Media For Brand Feedback

Social Customer Service - Bell Ring - ShopTabIn today’s fast paced world, Twitter and Facebook have become major destinations for consumers looking to discuss shopping decisions and experiences with their peers. Not only does this social medium provide a platform for your brand to be discussed, it also gives users a reason to interact with your brand. Deal hunting has definitely emerged as a top reason to interact with companies through social media, but you may be surprised to see how consumers are also turning to these sites to provide their feedback and experiences with brands.

A recent study from ROI Research asked social network users why they discussed products and services on social network sites. A large majority responded that when talking about specific products online they are most often comparing prices, looking for discounts, or seeking advice. Surprisingly, about half of the respondents also said they give both positive and negative feedback to the brand or retailer through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. (more…)

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ShopTab eCommerce Cart Review – InstanteStore

There are so many online shopping cart options for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners to choose from. ShopTab features reviews of popular and recommended online shopping carts, interviewing the featured cart’s developer, to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

The InstanteStore shopping cart software is owned by eSolved MSC Sdn. Bhd., a company based in Penang, Malaysia. InstanteStore was started up by Charles Tang way back in September, 2001. Charles’ first foray into online selling was his “online store” selling mobile phones in 1999 which was basically a very simple sales website with “Add To Cart” buttons to let people buy. That simple store became a great success within a span of several months and was sold off to a larger competitor. He hasn’t looked back since and started several highly successful online stores before launching the InstanteStore shopping cart software in 2001.


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Penguin Books Spreads Its Wings To Connect With More Fans Through Social Media

Although we know penguins cannot fly, that has certainly not stopped the publishing company from reaching out to engage socially with its fan base. Penguin Books has stood as a literary monument for many years allowing readers access anything from the classics to the latest bestsellers to a variety of unique merchandise. We are extremely excited to be able to feature them through our ShopTab service on Facebook and here on our blog today.

Q: Penguin Books has been around for quite some time and is internationally well-known today. How did Penguin Books come about?

In 1935 Allen Lane, then a director of The Bodley Head, found himself on a platform at Exeter station searching its bookstall for something to read on his journey back to London, but discovered only popular magazines and reprints of Victorian novels. Appalled by the selection on offer, Lane decided that good quality contemporary fiction should be made available at an attractive price and sold not just in traditional bookshops, but also in railway stations, tobacconists and chain stores. The first Penguin paperbacks appeared in the summer of 1935 and cost just sixpence, the same price as a packet of cigarettes.


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ShopTab eCommerce Cart of the Week – Open Mind Commerce

There are so many online shopping cart options for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners to choose from. Each week ShopTab features one online shopping cart, interviewing the featured cart’s developer to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

This week ShopTab interviewed Phil Williams, the founder of Open Mind Commerce. Williams started the business back in 2004, but had been developing his own personal websites for about five years prior.

OpenMindCommerce - ShopTab

Open Mind Commerce is a subsidiary of its primary company Open Minded Solutions Ltd and was officially launched in October 2007.  The company is based in Edinburgh, UK and operates from data centers located just outside of London and Reading. It if one of the UK’s leading shopping carts and has some cool features that really make it stick out.


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10 Tips To Cost Effectively Use Facebook for Business

If you own a business, chances are by now you have jumped on the bandwagon and are attempting to manage a company Facebook page. You might even be trying to manage a Facebook store.

This is no small task, and by now you have probably run into a handful of issues on how to grow and maintain your fan base and preserve your brand image.

Facebook store management

Do not fear, you are not alone.

With little experience it can be difficult to understand the right step to ensure your business does well within the social media arena. More often than not, most companies simply fill out all the basic information, include some old pictures, make a few posts, then sit back and wait for the results. This is usually when things go wrong and confusion sets in when outcomes are not what they were expected to be.

Many owners have started to question if Facebook has any value to them at all (which we’ve recently proven false in our post about organic Facebook reach)

Being involved in social media can take a lot of work and dedication to ensure it is done right, but these are important skills to learn in the digital age. Like anything in life, there are no shortcuts to success.


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With ZippyCart Find The Right Shopping Cart For Your Business

Trying to find the right online shopping cart for your ecommerce business can be a real headache. Periodically ShopTab features reviews on our site to help make those choise a little clearer; however, we realize it is a big decision and can still be a nightmare. Recently we discovered a very cool service online that helps select the shopping cart best optimized for your needs for FREE!

Help us spread the word about this blog post by using the Retweet Button above and ShopTab will randomnly select one of the Tweets and that person will receive either for their use or gifted to someone else ShopTab Ultimate Pro for 6 months at no cost ($120 value).

zippycart guy - ShopTab ecommerce solutionsThis week we interviewed Nick Grant, the co-founder of ZippyCart. Since 2003 Grant has been working with start-ups such as Blue Nile, CarDomain, AllStarDirectories, and Wishpot (a wishlist site we found to be pretty cool for the holiday times). In 2009, Grant co-founded ZippyCart out of Seattle, Washington. Since then ZippyCart has quickly become the leading online resource for anyone who wants to build an online store.


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