Rearrange Products in your Facebook Shop

Your product organization is a key element to your storefront especially around specific selling seasons such as the holidays. Now rearranging your store products has become as easy as a “Bump.” With our new Bump feature you can easily move any product to the top of your product list or reorganize a smaller grouping of products. We’ve put together a quick how-to slide show walking you through the new feature.

[slideshare id=17864934&doc=revisedbumpfeaturepptvergralen-130329113034-phpapp02]

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The Truth about Selling in Facebook

Let’s talk the cold hard truth about selling in Facebook.  When you combined the research data regarding Facebook user behavior with ShopTab’s experience with close to 20,000 Facebook Store owners, it yields the fact that the highest impact social product marketing happens in your fan’s News Feed, not in the application tab on the Fan Page. While a Facebook Store application is a great destination for a user, the catalyst for your future buyers will be the message and conversation that appears in their news feed. This reality creates compelling clarity for you to design a successful social marketing plan that can be measured in sales and brand impact.

We’ve been educating our ShopTab resellers, clients and prospects for over two years that putting a shop on your fan page alone won’t drive measurable revenues – sounds crazy for a Facebook Shop app company, huh?  This “build it and they will come” attitude doesn’t work well for bricks and mortar retail stores, e-commerce websites or a Facebook Shop.   According to social media expert Mari Smith, “90% of the people who click your Facebook fan page don’t come back to your Facebook page. “ The main reason for this is that users live in their news feed AND brands aren’t creating reasons for the client to come back to the fan page.  This isn’t an issue for your ShopTab Facebook Store or any other special app on your fan page; it is an overall issue for your brand!

Promotional Share with Engagement

Additionally, recent Facebook use data indicates that most users are checking their account daily.  This highly engaged user base is interested in checking the latest news about their friends and fan sites, many multiple times a day.  As marketers, we need lose our fixation with the app tab or design of the fan page, whether on your desktop or via the mobile app.  All good marketers know that you go to where your clients and buyers are spending their time.  That’s our challenge to solve today – how do we become expert at this critical skill?

Now that we know the facts, what can you do immediately to take advantage of this premium marketing opportunity?  Let’s go tactical to validate if this focus can work. First, don’t forget that what we do in Facebook needs to be “social” – an extension of our brand in a conversation, not a sales pitch. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Start a conversation about one of your products
    • “Do you like this product better in red, blue or a color we don’t have today?”
  • Announce a product on Facebook
    • “We’re offering our fans first shot at our new helmet. It won’t be on our website for two weeks! Check it out first.”
  • Highlight a recent reference or testimonial
    • “Sam recently told us our thermal shirt saved him on his hike. What do you think of this killer shirt?”
  • Drive users to share
    • “The first 20 likes on our new cocktail dress will get a special email with a 10% discount promotion coupon.”
  • Package uniquely for your FB fans
    • “Buy in Facebook our new shampoo and we’ll include the conditioner at no charge!”

Promote Picture

                                      (use our “Promote” feature from ShopTab’s admin panel to push your product to the news feed)

A click on any of these links will land your fans and their friends on your store pages and products that are optimized for sales conversions.

What’s the magic? We believe it is that you are creating contextual conversation, interesting dialog or unique discounts or packaging about your products or brand that you fans care about. They “liked” you in the first place so they want to hear from you. It is important to note, these concepts been working for our best social marketers for years.

We think our app is really cool but it is especially awesome when in the hands of knowledgeable and creative marketers. Tell us what you think.

*Guest post by Kevin Gralen, President, ShopTab

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Improve your Facebook Shop with Great Calls to Action

Lately we have started to notice a number of clients using the traditional “Buy Now” button in creative ways. It got us to thinking that it is your button and you should have it say whatever you want. Most would agree that this button is your most dominant Call to Action (CTA) in your Facebook Store and many companies are seeing that Facebook is one of their biggest drivers of referral traffic.   The control of the “Buy Now” button is in your hands, so get creative!

Are you working with a non-profit organization and want to reach out to your fans on Facebook? The “Buy Now” button can become a “Donate Now” button. Or maybe it could be “Help a Vet” or something even more compelling.

Maybe you are hosting a seminar or a class and have created a killer Facebook page to promote it; now you just need to figure out how to get people to sign up. Simple, turn the “Buy Now” button into a “Register Now” or “Sign-ups are Limited” call to action.

Your Facebook store is fantastic extension of your eCommerce website because it’s where your fans are hanging out. But you may have a product that isn’t easy to sum up in the limited space inside of a Facebook page. You can turn the “Buy Now” button into “More Details” or a “Configure Now” button to drive your fans to your eCommerce product pages.

If you are wondering how you make changes to the text in a button or any phrase within your Facebook Shop it’s easy in ShopTab. Login to your admin and click on “Settings,” then you will see a “Translate” link. That will be your ticket to change not only the text for the “Buy Now” button but all the text on your Facebook store. The store application is under your complete control so make changes that are appropriate for your audience.

What are some creative ways that you think you can use your Facebook store for? Let us know we’d love to feature you.

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Simple Management of Multiple Facebook Shops


Are you inside of a company, social marketing firm or agency and tired of the daily hassle of managing multiple Facebook stores? Common complaints we hear from clients who manage a number of stores stem from various logins, different feature package offerings and hard to implement performance tracking and measurement systems.  ShopTab has recently enhanced our Multi-User option that allows you to manage up to hundreds of stores from a single dashboard.

Just like with your traditional e-commerce website, there are real-time demands for product updates, merchandising changes, promotion implementations and product traffic campaigns to manage with your Facebook stores.  Your Facebook stores are a key channel element that requires synchronization with these marketing activities and in many cases may be the leaders in the delivery of the message in social networks. Having a powerful tool to assist in the timely coordination across multiple Facebook store updates can be paramount to your social selling success.

The ShopTab Multi-User option allows you to manage scores of stores from single dashboard screen.  Benefits of managing the stores from the dashboard are:

      Quick view of all stores

      Ability to create new stores, deactivate or reactivate old stores

      Complete store product synchronization controls

       Full design and store page layout options

       Language translation and currency management access

       Billing option management and notification settings

[slideshare id=12871498&doc=multi-userslideshow1-120509175418-phpapp02] Do you manage more than one Facebook shop? If yes, what is your biggest challenge?

 Image source

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Add more Social Impact to your Facebook Shop with New Features


In the vast field of Facebook Stores, ShopTab has strived to provide a simple solution to F-Commerce since 2009. Despite some negative news articles that have been released recently about some large brand stumbles with deployments of Facebook Shops, we at ShopTab are turning a deaf ear and releasing new features. We see the positive revenue impact for our clients every day.


Facebook is about the ability to share your life with friends, so why not share a product before you buy? With our new feature “Get advice from friends” you can do just that. All ShopTab clients can activate a button for each product so the user can ask their friends for advice on the product. While a “Like” is nice, recognition for a product in a conversation is even better! Just go to the customize setting in the admin panel and check to add this button to your store.

(Product listing with new advice button)


 Another feature we are proud to present is our ‘Subcategory’ feature. We haven’t seen this type of support in any other Facebook Shop application. It allows you to break your categories into two tiers to optimize Facebook Shop selling. Consumers can search the site with ease by giving them the ability to narrow their search field. For example, if your shopper wanted to purchase a man’s running jacket, they can now click on men’s attire with a subcategory for ‘running gear.’

(The SLA Batteries category has multiple subcategories listed by manufacturer)

 In our hectic world e-retailers are constantly on the lookout to speed up the shopping process. Our new feature allows the consumer to use advanced search options to find their desired product faster. If you would still like your shoppers to peruse your shop you do not have to use the subcategory feature, it is optional.

Don’t sit back. Unleash the power of the “Get advice from friends” feature by posting a share to all of your fans and followers asking them to rate one of your products, highlight a special price for a product or ask them to share with friends.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and features as we explore the numerous promotion possibilities ShopTab has to offer.

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Why Less Is More In Your Facebook Store

Less is More Box ShopTabToo many choices can be overwhelming in almost any situation, and let’s face it; your ShopTab store is no different. When faced with too many choices it can be difficult for a customer to find the best solution that suits their needs. As with most things, keeping it simple can provide a smoother and less confusing shopping experience that leads to more sales and happier customers. And let’s face it, isn’t that why you started with social selling on Facebook in the first place?


Why Less Can Be More in your Facebook Marketplace

While it is certainly not applicable to all eTailers and ShopTab store users, a slimmed down version on your eCommerce store hosted on your Facebook shopping app can help improve user engagement rates with the products you have for sale. In today’s digital world shoppers are looking to get in and out in a breeze. If a user does not instantly see something that catches their eye they are likely to leave. Can you remember the last time you went past the first or second page in a Google search?


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