Five Important Tips to Increase your Brand Engagement in Facebook


When you started out developing your Facebook page I bet you didn’t think your main goal would be to build a community. You likely wanted to be on a social channel that everyone was talking about and telling you to be on. Now you realize that to be impactful with your clients and for your business results it takes more than just posting a few times a week. According to AdAge only 1% of Facebook fans engage with a brand page on any given month. We believe this is a reflection of focusing on the wrong metrics like page traffic or number of likes and NOT focusing on your overall brand engagement.

So how do you get your users to engage with your brand and ultimately come to your fan page, especially if you are working in a small niche where competition is fierce?  First off let’s define a community on a Facebook page? A community is a place where fans can go with similar interests to share thoughts and ideas while creating and building relationships. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? For most companies a fan page ends up being a one-sided conversation with a small audience – and that is where you get the 1% of visits. In the end, this doesn’t build a community.

How do you build a quality community for your brand? We asked some of our clients that have extremely active fans and stores. One of our most engaged client communities has over 36,000 fans serving a very narrow market niche. They continue to draw people into their brand and create an environment where they not only can authentically interact with their customers but their fans are increasingly engaging other fans.

Here are their top 5 tips for increasing your overall community engagement:

-       Some of the best engagement posts are unique and have a deadline. When you give someone something compelling to read, a reason to act and add on a timeframe you will get a higher response rate. Their high engagement has created an environment where their fans are seeing their promotions and have a reason to act.

-       They don’t like to do a lot of promotional posts because they don’t want to run the risk of their page looking “too spammy.” They understand that community comes first and there has to be a balance between community and selling activities.

-       They carefully monitor their Facebook page every day. If someone has interacted with their brand a timely response is required.

-       Their best-promoted posts are recipes, it offers engagement, may provide some inspiration, gives a reason to purchase their products, and the fan will come back later after they have used the recipe to tell others what they think.

-       One of the main keys to building a community is to work with other fan pages that may be similar to yours. You can’t be afraid of interacting with similar sites since your clients are likely already doing so. This will signal your fans that you respect their need for more information or products than you may be able to provide to them.

Tell us your best ideas on engaging your fans with your brand.




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