Photos Increase your Facebook Fan Page Engagement

“Photo’s on Facebook  generate 53% more likes than the average post,” according to HubSpot. That caught your attention didn’t it, it caught ours too. So before the holiday marketing season has come to an end we wanted to give you a few tips to utilize this huge social sharing opportunity for your products.

First off, start adding visual content to your Facebook page. Whether it’s with product images or just pictures of fun things that relate to your business.




This is a great way to get your audience engaged while keeping them entertained at the same time.

But the best part about photos is when you include links with your images you can drive traffic to your Facebook shop or existing website.  HubSpot reports that images with links saw 84% more link clicks then plain text with links.

Here’s a quick tutorial for posting images:

1) Pick the image you want to post and save it to your computer.

2) Go to your Facebook Business/Fan page and click on Photo/Video


Select Attach Photo/Video


Hit Post!


What the final product will look like.


Think of other ways to utilize images to drive your customers back to your social shop. For example, image sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram offer the same link driving opportunities. The key to having a Facebook store is the marketing done around the application. Don’t miss out on this proven link driving strategy in your marketing plans.

Do you have great examples of photos boosting your sales? If so please feel free to share!

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Get your Facebook Shop Cyber Monday Ready

Black Friday is the Holy Grail for brick and mortar stores. But what about online retailers, where’s all their glory and fame? Just two words, Cyber Monday! Since the creation of Cyber Monday, online retailers have been scrambling to optimize this crucial selling day for their website and other online marketing efforts. eMarketer is predicting that holiday sales this year will be up 16.8% from last year with a huge spike around Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure you take part in this lucrative selling opportunity by adding a Facebook store to your marketing mix.

Step 1

Pick your Products

Your Cyber Monday store is a chance to showcase your best selling products. Or you can choose to highlight your close out items. Be sure to pick the best items that reflect your brand and business to sell on Facebook for Cyber Monday, sometimes less is more in a Facebook store.

Step 2

Create a Store

If you don’t already have a Facebook shop and have been on the fence about opening one, the holiday season is the best time to start. People are ready to shop and they’re using social sharing sites to find the best gifts and deals.

If you already have a Facebook store application, do you have more than one business/fan page? If the answer is yes, then you need to clone your store to increase your exposure. You can place an exact replica of your existing Facebook store on up to 5 business/fan pages.

*Either way update your ShopTab icon on your Timeline page to draw customers attention to your store so they’ll want to click on the app.

Step 3

Post your Products in your Customer’s News Feed

You’ve got your products in the store and the store is up and running on your Facebook page. Now you need to let people know the amazing deals you are offering them in your social shop. How can you do this? Easy, post a product!

Step 4

Optimize your Marketing

Cyber Monday is such a huge selling day because it hits on two critical selling points. It’s time sensitive and offers the “biggest” discounts for the holiday selling season. For a successful selling day you need to optimize your store to convey the same feeling.

-        For existing eCommerce websites with ShopTab, change your store banner to have a discount code for your Facebook customers to use during checkout. Make sure you frequently post about the discounted products in your Facebook storefront.

-        For those using PayPal for payments you can still offer the same discounts, or you can even offer free shipping. Convey this message in your store banner and all social postings.

The key to these marketing tips is to make them well known (Shares, Tweets, Pins, E-Mails, and other marketing activities) and time sensitive. Make sure you let your customers know this offer won’t last.

Step 5


Using a newsletter to promote your products can be a great tool to use during the holiday season. According to eMarketer, “Email is the preferred vehicle for online consumers to receive holiday promotions.”

If you haven’t engaged in email marketing before there are plenty of free email platforms to use. We like Mailchimp for their reliability and ease of use. When composing your email content make sure you place hyperlinks for your Facebook shop throughout the letter with great calls to action.

Put these five steps into action and you’re bound to see success on Cyber Monday. Let us know if you have other ideas to drive your social selling efforts during this important selling season.

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Five Tips to Kick off Holiday Social Selling

All right folks, Halloween is just around the corner. In the retail world we all know that means if your holiday shopping plan isn’t in place now then you’re late! If you’re still struggling with the best way to optimize your social selling experience, look no further then this blog post.

So you’ve got your store in place, it’s optimized for the holiday experience with festive descriptions and imagery. But now you need to bring people to your site to start shopping. What’s the best way to bring them in and stay in keeping with the holidays? Don’t turn into a Scrooge, we’re here to help!

These 5 quick tips will kick start your audience engagement to help you have one of the best holiday seasons on record! These quick tips aren’t in any way shape or form to replace your holiday selling strategy. Before you engage in any holiday selling we highly advice you to develop your social selling strategy first.

  1. Think about engaging in a newsletter campaign. Free e-mail services such as Mailchimp will let you create fun e-mail templates to distribute to your customers. Remember it’s the holidays so use festive calls to actions and images. Also let them know about your great online deals and sales that are available for a limited time only!
  2. Take a look at your budget and determine if you have some wiggle room to run Facebook ads. Target specific audiences that would be interested in your products. Offer up exclusive deals for clicking on the ad itself, like free shipping or an extra discount.
  3. Let your users create a virtual wish list by enabling the “Share with Friends” feature to post products to their page for their friends and family to see.
  4. If you are using Pinterest in your marketing mix, think about creating a board that is open to the public. Meaning let your fans post their favorite products or holiday wants onto your pin board. Not only does it increase engagement but gives you an idea of what your audience is looking for.
  5. Do you have great holiday tips and tricks involving your products? Share questions or unique offers regarding your products.  Create a video for your fans. Post to your social outlets and use Facebook promoted post to reach a larger audience base.

Side note, if you need help with your holiday strategy be sure to read our past blog articles to get you on the right track.

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Share your holiday stores and stories with us for a chance to be featured!

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