Holiday Success with Social Commerce

Itís t-minus 39 days until October 1st, the official start of the retail holiday season. Now that the countdown is in the double digits itís time to get your holiday plans in gear so you can make sure you donít miss out on this lucrative shopping time. We previously gave you a brief overview of what you need to be thinking about for your holiday Facebook store. This time around we want to give you validation for why you need to get your Facebook store ready for the holidays.

More than likely you are already teeing up your eCommerce site. Youíve put the holiday products in place, determined the discounts you will offer, and laid out your advertising campaigns. But have you thought about what your social commerce should look like this season? A lot of times people seem to think a Facebook store is a separate entity from their website. However, using a Facebook shop should be thought of as an extension of your eCommerce efforts. Itís not there to compete with your website. Itís there to drive traffic back to your website which in turn can drive revenue that you may not have seen from search engines alone. According to Mark Grondin the Senior Vice President, Marketing, Shopatron, he believes a Facebook store ďis the number one traffic generator outside of search engines.Ē So this holiday season think of ways that a Facebook store can aid your website and sales.

Social media has emerged as the new way for consumers to talk about brands and products. When you place yourself in social venues you are giving yourself a chance to join in on the discussions your audience might be having without you. ďThe benefit right now, he stated, is people are interacting with brands on Facebook, and having a Facebook store will make your products that much more of the discussion,Ē stated Grondin. Become a part of that discussion this holiday by having a social presence with a Facebook shop. Thereís no better way to reach and engage an audience then by being where your consumers are.

Surely youíve heard of the phrase ďabsence makes the heart grow fonder,Ē the same can be said of your products if your audience canít see them. There is a reason why you were craving a Coke after watching the Olympics. You were bombarded with Coke commercials and paraphernalia that your brain was subconsciously telling you, you must have a Coke. When you implement a Facebook store you are giving yourself the opportunity to make an impression on your audience by creating a constant presence in their space. They will continually see your brand and your products, therefore when it comes time to make a purchase it will be like the Coke scenario. Their brain will subconsciously tell them they need to purchase your products.

If you havenít developed a website just yet, donít fret you can still reap the benefits of selling on Facebook with ShopTab. By integrating PayPal Express Checkout you no longer have to have a website for the customer to check out on. So if you are looking for a way to reach your Facebook audience this holiday season then look no further than starting a Facebook store.

Now itís time to get your Facebook shop up and running before October 1st. The earlier you have it planned and implemented the bigger the reward come the end of the online holiday selling season.

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