How to Create a Group Buy in your Facebook Store

The other day an article came out on Social Commerce Today discussing the power of a co-buy, which is just another way of saying a group buy or “Groupon.” After we got to thinking about it we realized that this was something that could be utilized inside a Facebook store. It just takes a little bit of effort on your end, some creative thinking, and you can create very own group buy.

Here is a simple way of starting a group buy. First, you need to decide on how many “likes” or “shares” you want to reach before you give away the offer. Once you have a number decided upon, start your promotion through social announcements. For example, “The first 20 to like our new body lotion will receive a coupon code for a free travel size with their purchase.” Or, “If you can get 10 of your friends to tell us why they love our new candles, you and your friends will get 30% off your entire purchase with an exclusive coupon code.” Now your offers don’t have to be that generous, we wanted to make sure you get the picture.

[slideshare id=13066280&doc=groupbuys-120524165504-phpapp01]

You can utilize the new function in ShopTab called “Featured Item” for an even bigger call to action to your fans. This time you can use other social channels like Twitter, and Pinterest. Ask your fans to tweet or pin the item a certain amount of times to receive something in return.

You can also have a Facebook store strictly for group buy items. Instead of having the “Buy Now” button you can have a “Group Buy” button to take them back to special landing pages on your website or checkout page.

Now it’s your turn to get creative, go forth and group buy.



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