Top Social Product Promotion Tips

We all know the importance of promoting our products. Traditionally, when we build our marketing strategy we have relied on television, radio, billboards, and print ads to bring in the brand awareness, the customers, and most of all the sales. Many retailers have turned the corner into the digital age and successfully promote their products online.  The next logical frontier is answering how to promote successfully in social networks?

The social way of marketing and selling products in vastly different from the traditional advertising methods and most digital options, however, there is one thing that remains the same. You need a plan. Social media should be a big part of your promotion plan. All research validates that people like what their friends like, want what their friends want, and therefore buy what their friends buy. The Internet has provided an interconnected world where friends from all over influence our purchasing decisions. Integrating social promotion appropriately can make a real difference in your long-term success.

So in order for our products to have influence in users daily purchasing decisions we must make sure to promote our products and make them easy for those users to find. A great way to socially promote products is to have a store that has your products on the social media supergiant, Facebook. Not only does Facebook allow users to share their purchases or to share items they are considering purchasing, but the business is able to promote your products on this platform easily with a Facebook store application. This is especially important when you are running a combined in-store and online promotion or when your gearing up for your holiday season products.

Let’s take a look at a specific feature that is available in our Facebook store app, ShopTab. This store app allows you to upload all of your products to a store within Facebook. Once you have added a product you will have access to a button that says “Promote,” this is outlined below in the example:


When you click that promote button a dialog box pops up that allows you to see the description of that posted item and it allows you to create a catchy message to encourage people to click on the link to your product. That pop up box appears below. Click for full information on a Facebook Promote feature.


Once you click “Send Promotion” the product link with the description and your newly created message will appear on the wall of your business Facebook page. This is the perfect way to highlight your product especially during the holiday season when you are in high competition with all the other sellers; this is also a great time to highlight those special holiday season products by creating daily promotions. Creating awareness and continual conversation about your products is extremely important to drive sales to your existing clients and their network of friends.

Keep in mind as you promote your products that fans and others more frequently share special offers, deals, and discounts that they found online. Knowing this will help to keep you ahead of your competitors and will enable you to get more reach from your social media platforms.

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Selling in Facebook for Halloween

Don’t be a mummy this Halloween season! Take advantage of one of the second most important holidays for retailers according to Armando Roggio with Practical eCommerce. Most retailers treat Halloween as the start of the holiday selling season so don’t miss out on this important opportunity to validate your holiday strategy.  Set up your booreffic Facebook shop for Halloween today.

For a few idea starters for this Halloween selling season think about using a Facebook store application to drive traffic to your existing website or use PayPal’s Express Checkout option to reach your social network audience.

          Once you have your Facebook store up and running you will want to engage your fans and there’s no better time to get creative then Halloween! Everyone loves promotion codes and discounts, so create a Halloween themed online promotion code in your shop banner that your customers can enter in your website before checkout.

          Spruce up your Facebook store and ask your fans to post their Halloween costume photos on your page. The best costume wins a prize! Or post your own employees in their Halloween garb and solicit input for the best costume. Not only will it get your customers involved with you and your store but it will provide you great content to use in your Facebook timeline.

          If your products are Halloween related, get your fans to be creative and post photos or videos using your products for the Halloween season. Let them know the most creative one will win either free shipping or a free product with their purchase. 

          Get everyone in a howling good mood by posting videos of you and your staff getting into the Halloween spirit around the office. Tie in any products that you used to create the video and let them know you have them discounted in your Facebook shop.

          Starting a few weeks prior to Halloween, share some products with your fans that you think make great gifts.

          Last but not least, update your imagery such as your shop banner and store colors to reflect a festive mood. You can even translate it into your Facebook page as well by updating your cover photo and imagery.

These are just a few ideas to help get you brainstorming on all the social possibilities that selling on Facebook can provide.  There is no better time to join the conversations that are “brewing” around Halloween.  

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