Facebook Store Tracking and Conversion With Google Analytics

Tracking data charts ShopTabTracking and measuring data is vital to understanding the effectiveness of your various digital marketing campaigns. It helps you see what parts of your online effort are working, and which are in need of a tune-up. While this has become easier to do for things like your website, tracking social media and specifically your Facebook shop can be a more difficult task – especially when it comes to demonstrating ROI. This unique value in building social relationships with your fans and followers must be included with your overall ROI analysis measurements. You can’t be left asking if the  promotion of your Facebook Store is – you need to know!

While it is may be hard to answer to how much a relationship with a fan is worth, ShopTab can help you to quantify your social engagement rates by tracking your traffic and sales through your Facebook store. With ShopTab, you can increase web traffic and monetize your Facebook page by adding a social shopping destination directly to your Facebook Business or Fan page.


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