Get your Facebook Shop Cyber Monday Ready

Black Friday is the Holy Grail for brick and mortar stores. But what about online retailers, where’s all their glory and fame? Just two words, Cyber Monday! Since the creation of Cyber Monday, online retailers have been scrambling to optimize this crucial selling day for their website and other online marketing efforts. eMarketer is predicting that holiday sales this year will be up 16.8% from last year with a huge spike around Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure you take part in this lucrative selling opportunity by adding a Facebook store to your marketing mix.

Step 1

Pick your Products

Your Cyber Monday store is a chance to showcase your best selling products. Or you can choose to highlight your close out items. Be sure to pick the best items that reflect your brand and business to sell on Facebook for Cyber Monday, sometimes less is more in a Facebook store.

Step 2

Create a Store

If you don’t already have a Facebook shop and have been on the fence about opening one, the holiday season is the best time to start. People are ready to shop and they’re using social sharing sites to find the best gifts and deals.

If you already have a Facebook store application, do you have more than one business/fan page? If the answer is yes, then you need to clone your store to increase your exposure. You can place an exact replica of your existing Facebook store on up to 5 business/fan pages.

*Either way update your ShopTab icon on your Timeline page to draw customers attention to your store so they’ll want to click on the app.

Step 3

Post your Products in your Customer’s News Feed

You’ve got your products in the store and the store is up and running on your Facebook page. Now you need to let people know the amazing deals you are offering them in your social shop. How can you do this? Easy, post a product!

Step 4

Optimize your Marketing

Cyber Monday is such a huge selling day because it hits on two critical selling points. It’s time sensitive and offers the “biggest” discounts for the holiday selling season. For a successful selling day you need to optimize your store to convey the same feeling.

-        For existing eCommerce websites with ShopTab, change your store banner to have a discount code for your Facebook customers to use during checkout. Make sure you frequently post about the discounted products in your Facebook storefront.

-        For those using PayPal for payments you can still offer the same discounts, or you can even offer free shipping. Convey this message in your store banner and all social postings.

The key to these marketing tips is to make them well known (Shares, Tweets, Pins, E-Mails, and other marketing activities) and time sensitive. Make sure you let your customers know this offer won’t last.

Step 5


Using a newsletter to promote your products can be a great tool to use during the holiday season. According to eMarketer, “Email is the preferred vehicle for online consumers to receive holiday promotions.”

If you haven’t engaged in email marketing before there are plenty of free email platforms to use. We like Mailchimp for their reliability and ease of use. When composing your email content make sure you place hyperlinks for your Facebook shop throughout the letter with great calls to action.

Put these five steps into action and you’re bound to see success on Cyber Monday. Let us know if you have other ideas to drive your social selling efforts during this important selling season.

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Three Social Tips for your Holiday Promotion Strategy

According to eMarketer 39% of online shoppers said they would begin their online holiday shopping in November. No time like the present to start a promotion plan to support your social selling strategy. With Thanksgiving just weeks away, we’re all scrambling to put together the perfect holiday meal. More than likely you have those certain family members like good ‘ol Uncle Joe who won’t let you forget to make his giblet gravy. Uncle Joe does a great job at promoting his holiday meal staple, because you’ll never forget that when Uncle Joe is near so is the giblet gravy. Your holiday promotion plan needs to take a few tips from Uncle Joe so you can become a memorable part of your customer’s holiday shopping experience.

Post a Product

One of the first steps for promoting your holiday products is to post your product on your Facebook page! If you are using a Facebook store for this holiday season then this step couldn’t be easier. Our Share feature allows you to easily share your products on your Facebook timeline for your fan base to see.

Think about the products that are your best selling items before you begin to post away.

A second piece to posting your products is to consider using Facebook’s Promoted post feature. If you have ever thought about spending money on the Facebook platform now would be a good of time as any. The promoted posts functionality allows your posts to reach a larger, widespread audience by targeting both fans and non-fans.

Target your Audience

Once you’ve determined which products you want to focus on, think about the ideal audience for each item, and then target that audience with your posts. You can be as specific as targeting the age and location of your ideal customer. This is possible through Facebook’s Targeted post functionality. Keep in mind this feature is still not available to all Facebook users at this time.

Promote on all Social Channels

Lastly, make sure you promote across all social channels. This is a key element to your holiday selling success. eMarketer reports Facebook is first for referral traffic for clothing but Pinterest comes in second with 30% of shared referral traffic. If you have image driven product, it’s crucial that you take advantage of image sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. We’ve made this simple for those using a Facebook shop with our social sharing features. You can Tweet and Pin your products straight from your store.

At the end of the day, don’t forget that you want to create a memorable experience for your customers, one that they’ll want to continue thinking about year around. Here are some additional tips from PRWeb on ways to stay top of mind during the holidays.  Don’t let your best fans lose sight of your brand this busy holiday season!

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Holiday Shopping tips for your Facebook Store

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Place Your Facebook Store on Multiple Facebook Pages

Ever wonder why there are multiple Starbucks locations within a block or two of each other? It is all about coverage – more locations mean more revenue and more opportunities to capture new customers.  A  Facebook Store is a great way to create awareness for your products. Wouldn’t five Facebook Stores be better! ShopTab allows you to add your store on up to five fan pages.

Why you should have more than one Facebook Shop?

-       By opening your shopping experience to multiple Facebook pages you are allowing more people to have social discussions (shares, likes, tweets, pins…) about your products. The more discussions people are having around products in your store means a likely increase in sells.

-       Do you have business relationships that have a Facebook Fan page that would love to help your business out? If the answer is yes, then you can put them to work! This option opens up a whole new audience to see your products.

  • Example: A non-profit organization is trying to raise money for their cause by selling t-shirts or even direct donations. Companies that support the non-profit can place a cloned store on their business page to allow their fan base to shop for a cause. Reach out and ask them if they would be willing to help.

-       When you look at large retailers or distributors, you may notice that products are in multiple locations such as websites and marketplaces (Amazon or Ebay). Think of it as an opportunity to put your products on various Facebook marketplaces.

-       Many retailers or organizations support multiple Facebook Fan pages. Use our multi-store feature to place your store on each of these pages to broaden your opportunity.

Set up is simple.  You are placing the same store that you created the first time on each page with a click of a button.  All you need is admin rights to the page to add the store to the page.  The number of fan pages you can support is determined by your account plan.

-The Standard Plan allows for only one store.

– The Expanded Plan allows up to three stores.

– The Ultimate Plan offers up to 5 cloned stores.

Need to support more than five pages, send us an email and we’ll provide a custom option for your application.

For a step by step guide to setting up your multiple stores be sure to read our support document “Multiple Facebook Stores Implementation.”

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Facebook believes in Selling on Facebook, so Should You!

Facebook has reached a lot of milestones this year. Their stock has gone public and the recent announcement of 1 billion users and counting. With all this growth Facebook has taken it upon itself to create what some would say is a better offering for their users by testing the waters of what has been coined “fCommerce.” So, what does this mean for the future of social shopping?

Last year fCommerce saw bad press and its future seemed questionable with publicized, large brand storefronts shutting down. Over the past 6 months, we at ShopTab have gathered a lot of data, along with some of our competitors that prove to the social commerce naysayers that not only is Facebook shopping sticking around but it can yield dramatic results. Jump ahead to present day with the recent announcement that Facebook has decided to enter the social selling playing field with Gifting and Collections. This is great news for anyone with a Facebook store.

Now that Facebook itself has invested time and money into the social commerce experience we can all but speculate that the future of fCommerce is looking up. It began with Facebook’s new feature called Offers. Offers allow business owners to create a coupon inside of Facebook that consumers can claim virtually or in their brick and mortar stores. Not only does it allow the Facebook fan to be rewarded for “liking” their page, but it then places the coupon in their timeline allowing their friends to claim or view the coupon as well.

Recently, Facebook made an announcement that they’re testing out social Gifting. A few select clients have been chosen for users to purchase products from Facebook itself. Here’s a brief example of how it would work; the Facebook user sees a recommendation from Facebook when one of their friends is having a birthday. They would click on the Gift icon and they can choose from a variety of vendors that are testing the feature out. Everything is then taken care of through Facebook and the gift is virtually given, and the giver is notified when the gift is sent, card is read, and the gift is unwrapped.

The most recent announcement has been Facebook Collections. With the success of Pinterest, more and more, social spaces are starting to follow the concept of a “board.” To keep up, Facebook has implemented the use of Collections. Select companies can now place their product images inside a Collection, fans can view the Collections and interact with the images. They are given the option to “want” the image, which places the photo in their timeline. This will drive product sales based upon the social view of the desired gift.

The beauty of each new Facebook feature for businesses is the social awareness it brings to your products and brand. Whether you’re using an Offer, Gift, or Collection it generates a post for timeline that allows users to share, comment, or even click on the image to claim it as their own. The bigger question is how does all this validate a Facebook store option?

          Buying and selling will be a natural extension for users on Facebook after interacting with Facebook’s new features centered around commerce.

          Social Conversations will start to evolve around products and brands with ease.

          A Facebook shop is a persistent app you can use to build your marketing plan around. By incorporating the use of Facebook’s Offer and Collection around your Facebook store it gives your fans something concrete to consistently come back to.

We want to note that not every feature is available to everyone. Currently Gift, and Collections is in the testing phase. But this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of Facebook’s other new features to promote your products and Facebook store to implement in your social marketing strategy. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to get started:

          Use Facebook’s Promoted or Targeted posts to promote a product announcement about a special offer or images.

          Think about devoting a part of your marketing budget to Facebook ad’s to help grow your audience. The targeting options allow you to connect with likely interested fans.

          Use a Facebook Offer to reward your fans. See what impact it provides to your sales or foot traffic.

          Lastly make sure you are optimizing your content. Check that your posts are engaging and not a sales pitch. Use imagery always.

Facebook’s new features are currently operating under a pay to play model. When creating your marketing plan think about the cost, and monitor your analytics avaiable to you to evaluate your R.O.I.

We think this change in commerce thinking by Facebook will bring new opportunities for savvy retailers. Will you be one of them?


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How to Sell on Facebook for the Holidays

This holiday season eMarketer is predicting that online holiday sales will account for a quarter of all eCommerce retail sales. We believe that a critical element to your strategy is to include a Facebook store in your plans. Not only can it boost your online sales, but connect you to your consumers in a unique and engaging way, especially when they are in the shopping mode. Get your game plan ready now so you can have your best social selling season!

Having a system for your entry into Facebook selling is important.  We’re going to go through the 3 D’s of a Facebook shop, declaring, designing and deploying. Each phase is centered on the best way to optimize your social engagement to increase your holiday sales.

Declaring: This is your planning phase. You want to outline your holiday marketing initiatives so everyone is on the same page. Decide which social channels you want to utilize and most of all decide what activities will most benefit your Facebook shop. Selling on Facebook requires focused attention when it comes to posting, it’s the only way your fans will know you have a store. Here’s a quick tip for your social postings.

TIP: This holiday season instead of focusing on “selling” think about the season and what it truly means to people. Many people during the holidays respond to altruistic efforts, it puts them in the festive spirit and it helps with your brand building. So think of ways to give back this season, sponsor a certain cause and let your fans know a certain percentage of sales or specific packages goes to the cause, if they buy from your store. Allow them to donate to a particular organization or cause, buy one item and we’ll give the same item to that organization. Tom’s is a great example of a company that benefits from altruistic branding and buyer conversion.

Designing: Once you’ve put together your holiday strategy, you need to design your Facebook store. Evoking a festive mood engages your fans on a psychological level. They begin to relax and their mood lightens, if done correctly they’re taken back to memories of past holidays. Now that they are in a mental place where they’re more open to shop, they’re ready to begin their holiday shopping spree. Think of ways to change your branding to focus more on the holidays, use the all of the discretionary space that social networks give you.

          Facebook: Change your Timeline cover image. Not only will it give you a great visual but it’s added in your photo album for users to comment on and “like.” Don’t forget to change out your store icon, store banner, and update the color options to reflect the season.

          Twitter: They recently decided to give their users more graphics options as well. Their background is more user-friendly. You also have the option to add a banner to the top of your Twitter page.

          Pinterest: Use this pinboard to its full advantage. Create a new board just for the holidays. Place your items that you’re selling during this season on the board. Also offer holiday suggestions through imagery and pictures of your customers with your products.

          Google+: Update your Google+ banner to incorporate a more festive feeling.

Deploy: Everything is in place, ready to go and you’re ready to launch. Just a few things to check on before deployment.

          If you are going to align yourself with a cause or non-profit organization this holiday, make sure the details are in place such as timing, and internal approvals.

          If you’re going to use a sweepstakes or contest to boost Facebook sells, check all rules and regulations and set a time frame for your contest. Be clear on the rules and timing to your fans.

          You may want to use Facebook’s targeted and promoted posts to increase fan engagement. Make sure you have a budget put in place before launch. Think of the content types that will give you the best return for your efforts.

          Most importantly have fun and remember all the things you loved about the holidays.  More than likely what your audience feels the same about the holidays so be social and relate to them.

Remember, the race for 25% of all online sales start this month. Don’t miss out!

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