Add e-Commerce to your WordPress™ site with ShopTab

wordpressWith almost 20 million downloads worldwide, WordPress is a favorite of bloggers, website creators and developers.  Many of these online sites start with a small audience and then grow into hugely successful sites.  A desire for many of these users is to sell products or services within these sites.  At ShopTab, we hope to offer a distinct and valuable solution compared to a simple plug-in or the complexity of integrating a complex e-commerce cart software.  Our unique idea – how about the ability to add a store to your WordPress site from your Facebook Fan Page – two stores for the price of one!

Benefits of using ShopTab with WordPress

  • Proven commerce offering since 2009 operating in over 70 countries
  • Simple to deploy in both Facebook and on your blog or website
  • Single location to manage all of your e-commerce options
  • Use of the world’s largest and most secure payments platform
  • The unique ability to sell via a website AND in the world’s largest social platform

While you could create a store for your WordPress site within ShopTab and not place it in Facebook, that would be crazy since it was originally built for creative social selling!  Leveraging your website audience in conjunction with your social presence in Facebook is an extremely powerful marketing option and ShopTab provides the best tools to help you do this.

With ShopTab’s Expanded or Ultimate Facebook Store packages you have the ability to create a store in our admin interface and immediately place it on your WordPress site.  Just follow these simple steps to activate your WordPress commerce solution:

  1. Once your products are created, grab the code from ShopTab: Just pick the code from your admin interface under the Settings tab.wordpress 1
  2. Select the code (HTML or iframe) that will work best for your site – WordPress requires a plug-in to support i-frame code.wordpress 2
  3. Create a new page for your store within your WordPress site. The plug-in to support iframes should create a way to add the iframe code at the bottom of the new page you are creating. Place the code and update the page.wordpress 3
  4. Your store should be ready to go. The standard ShopTab Facebook Store template layouts are 815 pixels wide, so make sure you have a page that will support this width.  We’ve shown how a store would look in the ShopTab WordPress blog seen below or at this link – .  In the case of this placement, we modified the width and length to make it fit into a custom page.wordpress 4

The magic to selling online is a great marketing plan. Now that you have the product in your stores and your stores set-up in your Facebook Fan Page and blog, it is time to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for your products and services.  Good selling!

You can find more information in the Add your Facebook Store to a webpage FAQ.  Or look for more general information on adding a Facebook Store to any website.

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ShopTab eCommerce Cart of the Week – Big Cartel A simple eCart made for artists by artists

With so many online shopping cart options, finding what is best for your business can be overwhelming.  Each week ShopTab features one online shopping cart to help you learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

This week ShopTab had a chance to talk with Matt Wigham co-founder of Big Cartel, an online shopping cart that is dedicated to providing a simple application for artists.

Big Cartel was launched in 2004 as a service of Indie Labs, a small software company founded by Matt and his partner Eric. Big Cartel provides clothing designers, bands, jewelry makers, crafters, and other creative types with their own customizable store to sell their products online. They are a completely remote and reliable company that has employees throughout the US.


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ShopTab eCommerce Cart of the Week – eShop

As a company operating a service that works directly with all online shopping carts, ShopTab often is asked by many entrepreneurs and startup companies “what is the best online shopping cart when looking to start my own eCommerce business?”  We  will be taking the liberty to post some of our favorite options here on this blog in what we hope to be a new weekly tradition to benefit and educate you, the reader and business owner looking for suggestions on eCommerce Shopping Cart solutions.

Recently, we have been hearing much about eShop for WordPress. I had a chance to interview the  designer of eShop, Rich Pedley, and get some insight about him and his program:

Several years back, Rich developed a script for a standalone online shop with his experience from creating a Content Management System (CMS) for Black Widow Web Design circa 2004. At that time, WordPress was still in its infancy and was not suitable for many clients. The script for what was soon to become eShop sat around unused for some time until a fellow GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Web Designers) member, Mike Cherim, approached Rich. Rich coded and adapted his script to function efficiently on WordPress to transform in to what we know today as eShop. (more…)

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