ShopTab eCommerce Cart of the Week Interview with E-Junkie – Personalized eCommerce Shopping Cart and 5 month Free Trial

With so many online shopping cart options, finding what is best for your business can be overwhelming.  Each week ShopTab features one online shopping cart, interviewing the featured cart’s developer to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

This week Robin Kohli, founder and lead developer of E-Junkie, was kind enough to grant us an interview. E-Junkie is an online shopping cart made with customer convenience in mind with its easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to maintain software.

E-Junkie launched in the end of 2003. Its operations are small and personal with all support and development handled by a strong team of 5 employees (including Robin) out of Tucson, AZ. After working as a freelancer for a few years, Robin began working on E-junkie, to meet his own requirements and later to fulfill the desire of building an easy to use e-commerce engine.

Today E-Junkie has evolved to offer an easy to use, centrally managed service, digital storage and delivery for files and codes, copy-paste Buy Now and Shopping Cart buttons,  shipping and packaging calculators, and sales tax & VAT calculators to many satisfied clients all around the globe.


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