Should I Set Inventory Levels for Products in my Facebook Store?

Turkey CallA recent client, Bob’s Custom Calls, phoned last week asking if he could set inventory levels in his Facebook Store.  Bob’s call was a great reminder that many of our clients are using Facebook as their only online selling presence and features such as inventory tracking can be important in determining the success of your social commerce efforts.

Bob launched his Facebook Shop and quickly sold one of his custom calls– great sign for his marketing efforts and quality of his products. Since his products are custom and not easily replicated, it was important for him to only sell what he has in stock. This spurred the question at ShopTab for us to outline the value for inventory setting within a Facebook Store.  Here’s our take.

  • Client expectation setting – knowing that a product is in stock creates clarity to the buyer that fast receipt of the product is a reality. On the other hand, when something shows being out of stock it may spur the client to message or even call the business to determine future availability which creates a selling opportunity for other items.
  • Creates urgency – showing inventory levels can create urgency to buy for certain shoppers. Social marketing research has proven this fact over and over and recently we’ve seen significant success in doing this with our new SharedDeal app which is a specialized store Facebook daily deal software app.
  • Generates visibility to what you should promote – Facebook Shop owners can use the inventory levels to decide which products to promote in their Facebook news feed.

If you need to set you inventory in ShopTab’s integrated cart the process is simple to implement.  There are just a couple of questions to consider:

 Do you want to show products on your store pages if you are out of stock?
 Do you want to set inventories for product variations – sizes, colors or other attributes?

The settings for turning on inventory in ShopTab is located under the “Settings” and “Advanced Options” tab. You may select to hide out of stock inventory there as well. To input the inventory levels and product variables, if needed, will be done by editing your product listings.

Thanks for the call, Bob!

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