ShopTab’s Facebook Store Releases Option for Cash Transactions

Social Commerce typically implies online commerce. However, this doesn’t work for all merchants, products or worldwide economies.  Consider that you may be a merchant that creates custom items for your clients so a Facebook store with a Buy Now button with PayPal Checkout won’t work well for you. You would rather contact them first to find out what they would like you to make then bill them for your work. Or you’re a merchant in a country where cash is still the dominant commerce option and your clients don’t have credit cards or PayPal accounts. How do you participate in the amazing marketing and revenue opportunity offered by Social Commerce? Until today, you couldn’t very easily. That changed today with ShopTab’s new Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

Instead of taking payments through PayPal or directing your customers back to an e-commerce website, you can set up a solution for your clients to engage with your products via the valuable social tools such as a (Like, Share, Tweet & Pin) AND let them tell you what they want before they make a purchase. Once your customers click on the COD button located on your Facebook store they will be taken to a COD form page. This form provides them the opportunity to outline the products that they intend to buy via cash upon your delivery.  You have the opportunity to immediately contact them and complete the details for finalizing the purchase.

[slideshare id=13531235&doc=codfeature-120703150252-phpapp01]

The COD form is fully translatable into any language as well as customizable. Once the customer completes the form you will receive an e-mail that lets you know someone has submitted a COD form. The order information will also be displayed in your Sales Report that can be found under your COD tab in your ShopTab admin. It will provide details for the desired product as well as all contact and delivery information for you to complete the transaction.


Once the COD form is submitted by the customer they will receive a confirmation e-mail that lets them know their order has been received and will be contacted in regards to payment and delivery. They will also be provided with your contact information should they ever need to get in touch with you.

This feature is available in all store subscription options from ShopTab.  For a full technical document on how to set up the COD option for your Facebook shop please visit our support page for COD Installation and Application. 

One of our early users is the Garden Crate. They custom build each garden for their clients. An online checkout option, like PayPal or a website, didn’t make sense for them since they need to discuss the unique color, sizing requirements, and delivery needs prior to finalizing the order.

“We love Shoptab! The ability to easily add this to our Facebook page and create a Cash on Delivery purchase is perfect for us since our orders are highly customized and local, plus, we need to  work with our clients on the appropriate delivery or pick-up option. Shoptab is a easy and cost effective way to get business from Facebook consumers.” - Dean M. Owner of The Garden Crate

Selling online doesn’t always mean finishing the sale with a credit card or PayPal payment. Can you think of instances where this can help merchants that typically can’t sell online but could use the Facebook store to increase the engagement with their clients?