ShopTab’s Checklist for your Facebook Timeline Conversion

Who likes checklist? Well at ShopTab we love checklists so we have created a short list to help you with your Timeline conversion. We have also created a slideshow to help you visually navigate the new features.

o Choose your page layout option with ShopTab – grid or horizontal. We will default if you don’t pick horizontal layout.

o Update your banner/header design 810 pixel width. We recommend the height of 110 pixels but you can go up to 500 pixels.

o Turn on the “Get Advice from Friends” button. You can change the text on the button and in the dialog box.

o Optional: Create a custom icon graphic for your store application 111 x 74.

o Make sure your “shop” is in the first four applications so it shows right below the cover image.

o Optional: Create a pin or highlight to feature or showcase a product.

[slideshare id=11993833&doc=timelinechecklist1-120313153327-phpapp01]


  • Hey there, where can I choose grid view within the customisation settings? I do not have the store options within my customise page, nor the ability to select timeline view.

  • Once you logon to your admin for ShopTab you will want to go to “Settings” then you will click on the “Customize” tab. It will be at the top of the page with a drop box that says “Store Layout.” We have the launch planned for March 23rd but we are hoping to roll it out sooner.

  • It will be the top option within the Customization tab no later than March 23rd. Testing is going well so it is likely to be earlier. We’ll post on Facebook so follow us there. Thanks!