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This week ShopTab conducted an interview with Alex Vinokurov, the Chief Visionary Officer and co-founder of CS-Cart. The company is based in Ulyanovsk, Russia and its software is currently used by 15’000 merchants in 170 countries. CS-Cart was founded in 2005 by three enthusiastic software developers and IT specialists including Vladimir Kalynyak (CEO) and Ilya Shalnev (Deputy CEO).

Q:  Why did you launch CS-Cart?

A:  When we began, the eCommerce market was not as competitive as it is currently. There were several solutions that were popular, but most of them were developed in early 2000 and did not incorporate modern web technologies that were continuously progressing in leaps and bounds. Other shortcomings we saw were outdated design, tangled source code architecture, various limitations, poor SEO, etc.

We decided to fill the void by developing powerful shopping cart software combining an intuitive interface for users and modular architecture for 3rd party developers. And we had one more goal – to make it as universal as possible so that it suits many types of businesses by default.

Q:  What features or benefits make CS-Cart stand out?

A:  First, it is hundreds of ecommerce features and cutting-edge innovations out-of-the-box, such as one-page checkout, AJAX-based web interface, visual block manager, built-in CMS, RMA, among many others. Plus, the number of add-ons grows with each new release.

Secondly, it is the CS-Cart usability. This means a much more convenient and time-saving way of managing the store for the merchant. At the same time, his customers get the clear navigation, search filters, wish list, easy checkout, order history and much more. These features combined usually lead to increasing the sales.

Q:  What are some of its weaknesses?

A:  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not provide hosting service to our clients, though we have such plans for future expansion. CS-Cart is not integrated with Amazon or eBay marketplaces either, but we hope to perform these integrations soon.

Q:  How would your cart help an ecommerce merchant, versus the cart he or she is using now?

A:  As I said, CS-Cart can save a lot of time for the store administrator, while also raising his sales. The latter is reached also by support of many payment and shipping options, SEO, discount coupons, gift certificates, integrated affiliate system, localization feature, etc.

Also, CS-Cart can save money on design through the 45 ready-to-use templates included in its commercial editions.

Lastly, our software is highly customizable due to the fact that it is 100% open source, allowing it to be changed to meet any business’s specific needs.

cs-cart-templates - ShopTabQ:  How many products will your eCommerce platform allow?

A:  CS-Cart allows an unlimited number of products and categories. The only limits are your own server space and resources.

Q:  What is the cost for CS-Cart’s service?

A:  We have a solution to fit all budgets and store needs. Currently, CS-Cart has three editions. Our Professional and Multi-Vendor editions are commercial. They are available at USD 285 and USD 985 accordingly, with no annual or monthly fees. You pay only once and get the right to use the software on your own server with no time limitations. The one-time fee also includes free access to upgrades and new versions for one year.

The CS-Cart Community Edition is our free shopping cart software that offers a basic set of ecommerce features to cover the needs of a small web store that doesn’t have advanced requirements for functionality and design.

Q:  What are CS-Cart’s future plans for development or additional features?

A:  Though CS-Cart is already one of the most full-featured ecommerce solutions, we continue intensive development to ensure we stay at the forefront of the ecommerce market. We listen to our clients and ask them to vote for the features they want to see in the next releases, which is how CS-Cart Mobile Version and CS-Cart Multi-Store Edition came into being. We are currently working on these services and plan to launch them later this year.

We release new versions of our software every 1-2 months. They usually contain additional features, integrations with new payment systems and various services, one or two new design templates and bug fixes.

Q:  How is support handled for CS-Cart customers?

A:  Our technical support service is provided through our Customer Help Desk system. Our experienced in-house engineers are able to resolve all the problems and answer any question about the software within a short period of time. In addition, there is exhaustive software reference guide, knowledge base and developer documentation available on our website at any time.

Q:  Do you have any other comments about CS-Cart for ShopTab readers?

A:  CS-Cart is of the perfect combination functionality and simplicity. I encourage all ShopTab readers to check it for themselves by visiting the online demo or downloading the free 60-day trial. Thank you for reading this interview.

Check out CS-Cart at If you are currently using CS-Cart please share your experience below in the comments.

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  • Walter

    cs-cart has many bugs that are not corrected over the years
    eg search by price does not work properly if the goods have discounts; csrf vulnerability was not fixed, etc.

  • CS-Cart is a good blend of features and simplicity. We have started using it for a number of projects because it is cost-effective to implement and offers excellent user guide resources.

  • Peter


    Good review. I have been using CS-Cart since April 2011 and the technical support was fantastic. I have no words to describe how good they were.

    They have an ‘affiliate’ add-on which I am using so that visitors can earn commissions by placing my banners on their site. Which is far cheaper solution for a small guy then advertising.

    I was using WordPress on another site to write articles and redirect interested visitors to my e-commerce site at (CS-Cart site) to purchase my products but then when WordPress upgraded to version 3.2 and it striped all my banners (scripts) from my pages. I have since abandoned WordPress because I found out that CS-cart has comments feature where visitors can post comments. So now my e-commerce site is also my blog. Great isn’t it? I do not have to send my visitors here and there to buy my products.

    Also I have set it up so that the Google adverts disappears when a visitor Signs In or Registers. In fact one can play around and make blocks appear or disappear depending on whether they are logged in or not.


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  • creazione siti web

    Really i am impressed from this post….the person who
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  • Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep looking for topics and ideas that help to educate the social commerce market for all retailers.

  • Thanks! Let us know if you have any topics you think we should tackle.

  • Victor Zhuromskyy

    This guy “Snorocket” sucks,.. I mean he makes us his customers suck a big time. This sun of a gun collects money from community to outsource his modules writing, and them he dares to sell the modules that are paid for already! Oh shit, he just makes money on all of us!

    Besiudes that, his tech support is terrible…. he blames me and you being stupid idiots not knowing how to handle installation and usage of his buggy modules that are running way behind of up to date versions of CS-CART!

    I flushed $200 on his shit addons and when I requested refund… he locked up my account… crap… I am so angry… would smack this Bsser for sure!

    CS-CART Dev team cares less to protect the users and does not enforce any policies on 3rd party “developers” like snorocket pretend developer. 

    I love the interface of the CS-CART but my patience is over and I am leaving the community that is filled with anger and disgust towards users of the e-commerce solution. I would better spend thousands of $$$ on Interspire or other cart and have pleasuring tech support and king treatment, but not this shit I get from this place…

    Sorry for my language, but the snorocket deserves it, and cs-cart dev. guys care less about me, and others… they just care about getting more money and newcomers to get hooked up on the admin interface polishing but afterwards get stuck with absense of professionally made 3rd party modules and professional premier templates… It sucks a big time!!!

  • Praveen

    Amazing cs-cart online shopping templates. Kindly review

  • Yes I totally appreciate with you Josh. Cs Cart Platform Integration services are available.