ShopTab eCommerce Cart of the Week Interview with PrestaShop – Open Source Cart with Discount for ShopTab Readers

With so many online shopping cart options, finding what is best for your business can be overwhelming.  Each week ShopTab features one online shopping cart, interviewing the featured cart’s developer to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

This we ShopTab got to speak with Bruno Lévêque from PrestaShop. PrestaShop is an Open-source e-commerce software, initially created by 5 informatics students in Paris. In May 2007, associated with Igor Schlumberger (former CEO) Lévêque decided to launch the PrestaShop Company, making their software a real Open-Source project worldwide. The first stable version of PrestaShop (1.0) was published in July 2008.

Today, PrestaShop is used by more than 33.000 e-shops throughout the world, and gathers a community of more than 50.000 members who translated PrestaShop into 38 languages.

Q: Why did you launch PrestaShop?

A: We launched PrestaShop to meet a need: making the e-commerce more accessible. E-merchants were facing a lack of platforms to create their business easily, with minimum means. The Open-source model seemed to be the best choice to distribute our software. It is the best way to democratize and enrich a project thanks to the great community contributions.

Q: What is PrestaShop’s unique competitive advantage?

A: PrestaShop is a fast, light and easy-to-use e-commerce software. Downloading PrestaShop gives you access to more than 200 features to create and manage your shop! PrestaShop is infinitely modular and customizable. This is based on a modules system, which allows e-merchants to add modules to extend their e-shops features. Templates are easy to create and modify too.

Q: How many products will your eCommerce platform allow?

A: PrestaShop allows an unlimited number of products, as well as products categories!

Q: Do you think your software can be used by all?

A: Sure it is. We recently launched a turnkey solution, called PrestaBox, for people who might fear technical aspect of hosting, databases…. PrestaBox allows merchants to sell easily, without having to think about the technical aspect of an e-commerce website. We manage hosting, updates, and support for them, for a really reasonable price: only 1% of their sales!

Q: How much does PrestaShop cost?

A: PrestaShop is an Open-source software, so this is freely downloadable!

Q: What does the future hold for PrestaShop?

A: PrestaShop is now used by more than 33.000 e-shops throughout the world, and is even the most used e-commerce software in some countries. Some of our objectives are to make grow our community, and since still improve our software, to provide e-merchants with more and more features.

Q: How is support handled for PrestaShop customers?

A: As an Open-source software publisher, support is mainly given via our Community Forum. This is a real information sharing place between the official development team, its community and users. The PrestaShop Company can also propose to merchants support tickets, to receive a personalized assistance about their e-shop set up.

Q: Do you have any other comments about PrestaShop for ShopTab readers?

A: PrestaShop is completed by its official marketplace: PrestaStore. This platform gathers more than 400 modules and themes for PrestaShop, created by the PrestaShop team or the community’s contributors. This is the ideal place to find extensions to enhance its shop’s features: payment modules, logistics, smart shopping… We are pleased to offer 5% off to ShopTab readers until April 15th, 2010! (coupon code: SHOPTAB5)

Check out PrestaShop to simplify your online cart experience and ShopTab to expand your business through social media by having a shopping cart directly on your Facebook Fan Page.

If you are currently using PrestaShop please share your experience below in the comments area.

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Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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