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With so many online shopping cart options, finding what is best for your business can be overwhelming.  Each week ShopTab ( features one online shopping cart, interviewing the featured cart’s developer to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

This week ShopTab had a chance to talk with Shomik Chattopadhyay, Manager of Business Development at 24SevenCart, an online shopping cart that is a Microsoft Certified Partner and aimed at unlocking your stores potential with ease, security, and customization.

24SevenCart is an online shopping cart solution developed on Microsoft .NET platform with MS-SQL Server as the backend. 24SevenCart offers a collection of all standard features required to run a successful online retail store along with robust interfaces for product and shipping management, sales processing, payment processing, promotion and marketing tools, reporting, multi-layered security and so on. Moreover, all modules in 24SevenCart shopping cart system are 100% customizable.

24SevenCart has been serving online retailers across North America for over a decade and have provided them with end-to-end ecommerce and web marketing solutions. Over the years, it have developed complete business models for e-retailing, ecommerce, Web development & designing, Price Comparison Engines, intranet portals and online marketing.

Q: Why did you launch 24Seven Cart?

A: 24SevenCart is the rebranded version of RMSCart – our previous shopping cart solution. RMSCart was primarily developed for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics RMS. However, with the expanding market of both shopping cart and POS systems, we felt the need to introduce newer features in our shopping cart system so that we can serve customers looking for a normal shopping cart and the one that integrates with Dynamics RMS, POS09 or other POS systems.

The result is – we have a complete online store solution that can be customized to integrate with a POS system and at the same time, serve as a stand-alone shopping cart.

The process of integrating the RMS and the online store is accomplished by a web integrator known as RMSlink.

Q: What is 24Seven Cart’s unique competitive advantage?

A: 24SevenCart is truly flexible and scalable online store solution. However, the main competitive advantage that we have and that we can translate into a retailer benefits, is the 100% customization facility of 24SevenCart. Any or all modules of 24SevenCart are customizable so that an online retailer gets the best options to make his store unique and give his shoppers a better shopping experience.

Q: How many products will your ecommerce platform allow?

  • Standard: 5000
  • Professional: 10000
  • Enterprise: 20000

We also have the option to make the shopping cart support unlimited number of products.

Q: How much does 24Seven Cart cost?

24SevenCart $790.00
24SevenCart with RMSlink Integration (Standard) $1490.00
24SevenCart with RMSlink Integration (Professional) $1990.00

For a detailed pricing structure, please visit:

Q: What does the future hold for 24Seven Cart?

A: With the rapid growth of online retailing, the demand for robust online shopping cart solutions will definitely increase in the coming days. Besides the US-market, we now look forward to make our presence in the European and Australian market as well. We are reinforcing our teams to take competitive advantage and tackle challenges; we are also continuously engaged into developing better solutions for our customers using new technologies. So far, we have received good response through our online campaigns and we are confident that in near future, we will succeed to establish our brand on a global scale.

Q: How is support handled for 24SevenCart customers?

A: At present, we provide technical and customer care support through both email and phone. Every customer is served by a dedicated Account Manager who is the primary point-of-contact for that customer. All escalated issues are routed to the development team through the concerned project manager.

Q: Do you have any other comments about 24SevenCart for ShopTab readers?

A: We believe – ShopTab is a unique platform to multiply sales! Integration with Facebook is a great feature that can help the online retailer to reach more customers within a very short period. Rather than inviting the customer to visit the online store, with ShopTab – the retailer can take the required product to the customer! Similarly, 24SevenCart is a platform that helps the retailer to setup a dynamic shopping interface with domain-specific features that relate only to his line of business. Naturally, a web store powered by 24SevenCart will always retain the customer with an excellent shopping experience like ShopTab.

2010 will mark the rise of online retailing. Even the “Internet Retailer” magazine revealed recently that the holiday-season sales growth for online retailing is far more than the growth of retail market as a whole. So, it’s now the time to go online and gear up for more sales. As the old proverb goes – “Hit the iron while it’s hot!”

Check out 24SevenCart to simplify your online cart experience and ShopTab to expand your business through social media by having a shopping cart directly on your Facebook Fan Page.

If you are currently using 24SevenCart please share your experience below in the comments.

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