Selling Your Art on Facebook

Here at ShopTab, we regularly hear stories of artists (painters, sculptors, designers, etc.) who bring in hundreds of dollars a week selling their art on Facebook store. That’s right, on Facebook, without the need of another e-commerce site.

We’ve even had reports of artists who have made more than $50,000 selling their work on Facebook. Finding customers for your art on Facebook is proving to be a viable and lucrative option, especially for small sellers who aren’t getting the traffic they want on separate sites like Etsy. It’s also important to note that sites like Etsy often end up costing you more due to commissions and fees and sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot by leading customers directly to competing stores that have similar products. It’s cheaper (we don’t take commissions or fees) and more effective to sell in social networks, and you can leverage the fan base you already have instead of hoping that people will land on a separate site.

Selling on Facebook can be extremely lucrative for both large corporations and small businesses. If you can promote your work amidst the noise of ads and other pages, you can position yourself for success in a network of more than 1 billion people.

Many artists try to take orders for their work through “comments” or “private messages” instead of setting up an actual store where people can pay at any time. You should be focused on promoting and engaging with customers instead of managing orders and sending people to other sites to make purchases.

First, set up a store within your Facebook page. 

It’s quick, easy and inexpensive. You can upload pictures of your art to create a “‘catalog” of your products, and then your fans can pay instantly through your Facebook page. ShopTab offers a free 7-day trial to get you started.

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Now, promote your products.

When your store is set up, you can promote specific art on your Facebook wall and the link will direct people to your store. You can also promote your entire shop so your fans can browse your work and buy your art without ever leaving Facebook.

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Start making money.

This is the fun part. Purchases made in your shop will put money directly into your PayPal account (you also have the option to connect your Facebook shop to another site if you’d like). You can deliver your work and continue to promote your art and engage with your fans.

Before you set up a website or upload your products into a traditional e-commerce site, consider your options. Many artists find their niche through social selling before they expand their operation, and Facebook is the perfect place to hit the ground running and sell to the network of fans you already have.

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Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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