How To Buy and Sell Music On Facebook

Music on Facebook - facebook music drum kit - ShopTabIf you are a band or a music lover you have probably found yourself disappointed in the level of integration music has had into the Facebook platform.

Unlike MySpace, music has never really taken off on Facebook in the same way, and to be honest we are a little baffled as to why. Sure you can embed a YouTube video on your wall or utilize a few relatively unknown and unused music apps, but why is there such a large disconnect? Certainly a large majority of the music lovers that were once loyal to MySpace must have transitioned to the digital realm of Facebook by now! So where is the love?

More and more I am starting to see artists becoming very active with their Facebook pages. Their activity has become much more interactive and personal as Facebook offers a whole new way for artists to connect with their fans. More and more artist are sharing new music, offering free downloads, creating Facebook events for upcoming concerts, holding contests, and even streaming live shows. Surprisingly, one thing I do not often see is a merchandise shop hosted from their Facebook page.

Plug In and Turn On

We at ShopTab love music just about as much as we love eCommerce….which is a whole lot, and we are excited to be bringing a solution to the Facebook music scene that helps make selling your merchandise easier than ever before.

With ShopTab you can place a online store directly on your Facebook Fan Page and offer all of your fans the CDs and T-shirts they missed that last time you were on tour. With the recent surge of interaction between musicians and fans on Facebook, fans are now paying closer attention to the artists they follow and spending more time on their Facebook pages to stay up to date with all the action. Hosting a ShopTab on your fan page is a great tool to help turn those fans into customers.

One of my favorite artists, DJ Shadow, has been using our ShopTab Facebook App for almost a year now. We are happy to be working with such a major artists who can proudly boast a fan base that spans the globe and a Facebook following of over 350,000 fans. We recommend you take a look at his shop on Facebook. He even has some free downloads up on the shop for those who might want to check that out.

Music on Facebook - DJ Shadow Facebook Store - ShopTab

Why ShopTab Can Work Great For Selling Music or Whatever You Are In To

We are excited to see more and more musicians and artists joining our service all the time. We think ShopTab is a great, low cost solution for bands and businesses of all sizes to make the products they sell more social and offer fans a unique way to interact.

While hosting a store on your Facebook fan page is certainly a growing trend for musicians, it really works well with all eCommerce stores. It’s a great way to promote and sell products in a space where you have already captured your target market. Remember, your fans are following you because they love what you do, so why not make it available to them in the place they interact with you most?

To go grab your free week trial of ShopTab hop over to our website or Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing more music integrated into Facebook as we move further down the road. ShopTab itself may be rolling out some more features specified to musicians as demand continues to grow. What features would you like to see built into your ShopTab?


Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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