Ring the bell with your Social Commerce efforts

After careful consideration you decided to start a Facebook store. You’ve followed all the installation steps and are now deploying some social tactics, but how do you know that all your efforts will pay off? Is there a secret place in Facebook that hides all the answers or will you just know by osmosis that you are getting a return on your efforts? Before you move forward you need to decide what is important to measure!

As we’ve been discussing throughout our series on Social Commerce Strategy, you must implement clear objectives to measure your progress against your business goals.  Your work in the first step of the plan created valuable business objectives that will help to grow quickly.  One easy way to start measuring your efforts against these objectives is to deploy Google Analytics.  Google Analytics allows you to see overall patterns from your website visitors and changes in referral traffic from your social networks.  It will also allow you to associate tracking information to your product listings in your Facebook store, which will allow you to analyze how many sales conversions you are making on your products or services.

Additionally, you can use Facebook Insights, which is just a click away from giving you valuable information about your Facebook page and posts. When you are signed into your Facebook fan page as an administrator you will click on a button in the top right corner that says “Admin Panel.” This takes you to the wonderful world of Facebook Insights. You can find a treasure trove of information ranging from sources of traffic, gender, geography, and so on. Watch these areas for key engagement metrics on the impact of your content with your fans. Using this information will help you to understand what engages your customers and what products and services that they are most interested in hearing about.

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Be sure to check out our whitepaper “Return on Facebook” for more in depth information on developing your social commerce strategy.

Measuring your success is a critical element of any quality marketing plan. With Facebook and ShopTab it is very easy to deploy measurement systems and this will allow you to make quick adjustments that can impact your bottom line.  How do you measure your social success?

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